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Precor Elliptical

Why do you choose the Precor elliptical for your exercise? Of course, there must be some different qualities of this brand. Schwinn has been making exercise machines for more than 100 years. After this, if a brand is to be counted as the best, then it is Precor Elliptical. This company has been producing elliptical machines for more than 26 years. Keeping the right policies of the business, they have developed these machines with a skilled and qualified engineer. As a result, their devotees and well-wishers have been created around the world. Because of that, their Precor brand’s evaluation is much more to the people. As such, they can be called the best elliptical producing company. And they also claim that their brand is the best brand. Those who exercise have conveyed this machine to hospitals, clubs, stadiums, houses, and gymnasiums. Read our Precor elliptical reviews for more information.

Newly Prepared Precor Elliptical Brand

Most of the companies have been produced in Elliptical machines for more than 100 years. Meanwhile, Precor started making exercise machines in 1995.

When a new brand arrives among these old and trusted brands, most people are interested in using precor elliptical as a test.

Due to its superior quality design and structure, people are more attracted. And after starting the use, people become a fan of this brand. Precor elliptical brand since then has been a symbol of loyalty.

Then, according to the demands of different times the structure of this machine is updated. 

Generally, there are two types of Precor elliptical:1. Precor elliptical based on physical energy.2. Precor elliptical based on the heart rate.There are also 17 additional models of precor elliptical. These models are designed based on pricing and size. For the longer and shorter people, the precor elliptical is made of different sizes. 

Buying Guide for Precor Elliptical Machine

In 1995, when the Precor Company made the Elliptical Machine, then the first Cross Ramp series machine has been made.

This model of the machine was a special feature; it would make a very nice connection to the pedal with the feet. As a result, you can adjust your body fitness very easily and this fitness will last for a long time. It has less chance of injury to the body.

Then this company made Machine of Precision Series. This is most suitable for professionals. That means, for those who exercise in the gymnasium or play in the stadium.

But the price of this model is very high. Then the elliptical machine was made the Rear Drive series. It is also for those who exercise professionally in the club or the gymnasium. Its wheel is on the back side.

Although it is more expensive, it is comparatively easy to exercise in this machine. Its pedal is easy to rotate and the wheel rotates very smoothly.

Because its incline system has been rotated automated or manually. You will be able to choose any of the models from these three models. 

Top 3 Precor Elliptical Reviews

Based on the topics discussed above, we have selected three Precor elliptical. Which is currently the best Precor Elliptical in the market.

I believe, if you choose one of these from three models, it will be enough to keep your body’s fitness. Stay with us. 

1. Precor AMT100i Experience Series Adaptive Motion Trainer.

If you really want to change your body fitness, then the best machine for you is Precor AMT100I. However, before purchasing this machine, you have to be well-tested.

Because it is a very valuable machine. It is best if it is purchased for the business way. Different types of body exercises can be used to build muscles and to increase heart-related strength.

It works for both hands and feet muscles. Because its incline system is quite different. The wheels are placed under the incline in the other elliptical machine.

Once the pedal is rotated, one wheel can be seen in front of the wheel. And another wheeled goes behind. As a result, the balance of the body is maintained while exercising.

But the incline system on it is different. Once you take a hand, one part of the foot will wake up and the other part will fall down.

The benefit of this is that the muscle strength of the hand increases. The 27-inch-wide machine will be able to exercise all kinds of long, short, fat people.

There are 4 programs to reduce fat. Through the wireless monitor, you will see the results of your exercise. 

Precor AMT100i Experience Series Adaptive Motion Trainer (2009 Model)

Features & Specification:

  • Quick Start
  • Easy control system
  • Numeric keypad
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Wireless display
  • Workout time: 240 minutes
  • Weight loss

Training Features:

  • Easy control
  • Weigh loss training
  • Cardio training

Workout program:

  • 4 workout program for fat.
  • Several workouts have to customize. 
  • 240 minutes workout ability.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • Frame: 7-year
  • Display: 5-years
  • Parts: 2-years
  • Can carry 350 pounds.
  • Heart exercises can be done.
  • Long, short, and obese people will be able to use it.
  • angle-double-rightIt is a very expensive machine.

2. Precor AMT 835 Commercial Series.

Many people are interested in this product because of mentioning the brand name. Because Precor Company has got so much confidence in people and on one do not want to express any doubt about it.

This machine is much more popular for training features. Its dual action ensures the exercises of the upper part of the body and lower body. In one word, with this machine, you can exercise by targeting.

You can make an estimate of how much calories you can spend. This Precor brand has won the award due to their best quality. It just not only fit your body, it helps to increase your morale. You will be able to improve your thinking.

Because whose heart’s strength is as strong as his thoughts are more secure and steady. There is a small size machine starting from a large size. Perfect machine for the trainer.

Precor AMT 835 Commercial Series Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride Technology

Features & Specification:

  • Compact design
  • Smooth managing system
  • Quick Start
  • Powerful workout program
  • Battery power display
  • 514 pounds of carrying capacity
  • Design for Cardio exercise
  • Weight loss

Warranty and Shipping

  • Parts: 10-years.
  • Labor: 1-year.
  • Not for free shipping, Almost 300$+ needed.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Designed to be used commercially.
  • A suitable machine for trainers.
  • Angle-double-right there is no computer connection.

3. Precor EFX 5.23 Elliptical Fitness.

This is EFX 5.23 being the latest model of Precor brands. This machine made from sophisticated technology does not require more space and can run very fast. It has a few types of programs. It is made in the Cross Ramp technology. Its wheel is on the back side.

It will speed up your exercise due to the creation of Cross Ramp technology. And in very quick times you can get your desired results. It will show your heartbeat while exercising and create a workout to do the following. Its incline is formed in such a way that it can be increased and reduced from 15 degrees to 25 degrees.

As a result, people of any age can use it. Precor announced that it is a best elliptical machine. I think it’s the best exercise machine for you. This machine is currently unavailable. so, i add new image for you.

Precor EFX 576i Premium Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (2009 Model)

Features & Specification:

  • Cross Ramp design elliptical machine
  • 15-degree ramp angles from 3 position
  • Quick Start
  • Heart rate

Workout Program:

  • 8 workout program
  • Manually design program
  • Fat Burner
  • Heart rate
  • Weight loss

Weight Loss:

While the machine is mainly used for exercise and muscle making, most machines have different features for weight loss.

That’s why three-class machines are made mainly. Those who have fat will see this within a few days of exercising on this machine, that fat is much lower than before.

Warranty and Shipping

  • Lifetime warranty for frame
  • 5-years warranty for parts
  • 103$ for shipping
  • Lifetime is guaranteed for this machine frame.
  • Easy to use.
  • Physical exercise as well as weight loss.
  • Angle-double-rightThere is no wheel for relocation.

Final Verdicts

Just by the mention of Precor brands name, many have come to believe in it. Most people bought the product with confidence in this one thing. When you focus on exercising, you must find the best quality elliptical machine.

And that’s why we prepared Precor elliptical reviews with  the best three products available for your advantages. That is ready to bring success to your     exercise. 


Q:Does a child need any safety?

A:No! It’s made entirely secure.

Q:How much budget is best for buying Precor elliptical personal use?

A:You can choose any Precor elliptical machine for 1000$-2000$.

Q:Can this machine produce meshes?


Q:What are the best precor elliptical?

A:Precor AMT100i, Precor AMT 835, Precor AMT100i

Q:What are the main benefits of precor elliptical?

A:There is no alternative to precor elliptical to keep all organs in the body from top to bottom.

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