REVITIVE Circulation Booster Reviews

You may have the most supportive partner and family. But in the end, if your own body doesn’t cooperate, it can very well feel frustrating and makes a big dent on your self-worth. However, it doesn’t have to be this way as there is numerous way you can treat the numbness and pain in your legs. But Revitive circulation booster is one of the most effective ways to treat it. In this Revitive circulation booster review, we will let you know precisely why it works so well, and how does it work as well.

What is REVITIVE circulation booster?

Revitive circulation booster is essentially an EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) device. It is specifically designed for stimulating the nerves of the legs. It is known for its highly effective result on relieving the muscle tightness of the legs through its electronic signals. Revitive circulation booster works well to convey the artificial signal to the nerves to contract the muscles. That improves the blood circulation on that process, which is very useful for the senior adults who don’t have the physical ability to work out on their own. It is also handy if you have been injured or suffer from stiffness on the leg from prolonged sitting on the work as well.

Top Features of Revitive circulation booster

US FDA Cleared

REVITIVE Circulation Booster is US FDA cleared pain relief medical device, and no prescription is required to use it as it is drug-free. The product was developed in the UK by top vascular surgeons and medical specialist.

It requires very less time to use

One of the best things about this Revitive circulation booster is you don’t need to sit entire day on it to see results. Using it just for 20-30 minutes daily is enough to see results. That makes it quite practical to use for people who have a hectic life as they can take some time off to use it anytime on the day.

It is portable

It comes with two different power models. One of them is corded, and a battery powers another one. So if you travel frequently, you will be able to take it with you if you choose the battery-powered model.

Lots of different settings available

 You can tweak around 99 different settings to find which one suits you particularly. Not everyone has the same problem. The pulses might require different levels of intensity. Some may need much more intense circulation to recover from an injury. Some may need some mild stimulation. But do keep in mind that some higher intensity settings can cause some discomfort. So try with caution.

Easy to store

It is very lightweight and isn’t too bulky in size either. So you won’t have a hard time to keep in your house, and it can be stashed with ease.


  • It can be used as many times as you want
  • It has both corded and battery-powered models
  • You can use the timer to fix how long you want it to use
  • It can be controlled by remote as well
  • It can be used to treat various problems such as blocked arteries, swelling, muscle soreness as well


  • None that we could find except it cant be used by pregnant women and those who wear pacemakers.

FAQs About Revitive Circulation Booster

Is Revitive circulation booster safe?

Yes, it is completely safe and recommended by physicians to use as a more harmless aid to relieve leg pain.

Is Revitive circulation booster good for pregnant women?

No, it can’t be used by pregnant women as it is not recommended.

Can you use Revitive circulation booster if you are wearing a pacemaker?

No, you can’t use the Revitive circulation booster if you are wearing any pacemaker or artificially implanted device inside your body.

Can you use Revitive circulation booster if you are wearing a pacemaker?

No, you can’t use the Revitive circulation booster if you are wearing any pacemaker or artificially implanted device inside your body.

REVITIVE Circulation Booster – Final Verdict

Numbness and pain in the legs can make feel very vulnerable because it’s one of the most used organs in our whole body. We depend on our legs for going from places to places. A healthy and sound leg can make us feel stronger. On the other hand, as a numb feeling leg will make you immobile and incapable of doing anything for yourself.  Revitive circulation booster can be a great aid to relieve pain or swelling from your legs.

Blue Fat Freezing System Reviews

Blue Fat Freezing System reviews

We all want some visible results in return for our hard work and dedication. But most of the times, even after extensive dieting and working out, the stubborn fat don’t seem to go away. It can permanently ruin the motivation after all the hard work you have put. Those have gone through any fat loss regime knows how hard it can be for some of the body types to tone up. It’s true even after you have lost a few pounds. For people who are looking to tone up their abs or thigh, cool sculpting is an effective way to tone up the muscle. The blue fat freezing system is one of the most effective at-home fat freezing solutions. We will cover all about it in our blue fat freezing system reviews here.

What is fat freezing?

If you Google about it, the fat freezes can seem like another pseudo-scientific hoax. But what we have found that this method makes sense. It doesn’t promise to reduce fat or spot reduction drastically. We all know it’s impossible to reduce fat In one particular place. However, what it does is that it merely forces the fat cells to redistribute and reshape to make a specific place. Like your love handles will appear smaller.

Blue Fat Freezer System

Blue fat freezing system features

# Works better to freeze the fat cells

Blue fat freezing has been known as being one of the earliest pioneers of at home fat freezing solution. It has retained its name for being one of the most effective and consistent fat-freezing systems. The cold packs that come with it are made to keep a constant temperature to reach the trigger point of fat cell death much earlier.

# The wraps are quite easy on the skin.

There are quite a few fat freezing solutions available out there. But the blue fat freezing system is far more effective in protecting the skin. The wraps are well designed. They are made to regulate the temperature needed to tone your body without causing any damage to the skin.

# It is doesn’t let you feel any discomfort.

The gel packs that come with it are designed into two layers. Often the users of other fat freezing system are reported to feel a tingling sensation and discomfort when using it. But Blue Fat Freezing System and Isavera Fat Freezer Belt provide much better results and get’s positive reviews. The outer layer of blue fat-freezing systems gel packs to keep the body comfortable. The inner layer does the actual work.

# Can be used anywhere in the body

Flabby looking arms or inner thighs are as uncomfortable as a bulging stomach. But many fat-freezing systems are made specifically for stomach areas while ignoring some other necessary areas. However, the blue fat freezing system is known for its toning ability around the arms and legs as well. Its specially engineered wraps work quite well to tone those areas.

What you will Like about the belt

  • The gel packs are better designed than any other fat freezing system, and they have two useful layers to target the fats
  • The wraps are not discomforting to wear at all.
  • It is a very cost-effective alternative to the liposuction
  • There little or no complications or side effects as it does not require you any surgery.

What You may not like

  • It is a bit more expensive than other fat freezing solutions available. But this isn’t certainly a deal-breaker considering it one of the most effective at-home solutions!

The Product

Best Alternate of Blue Fat Freezing System

Blue Fat Freezing System draws mixed reviews from its users. Though many users are satisfied after using the system, some customers completely negative about its capability.

However, out of the many brands, two Fat Freezing systems are doing great and getting very good feedback from the customers- these are Isavera Fat Freezing System and Igia Fat Freezer Platinum Targeted Cold Cryolipolysis System. When used properly and regularly, these fat freezer belts really work great for slashing extra fat from your body.

Blue Fat Freezing System- Final Verdict

We have covered pretty much every detail you need to know about the blue fat freezing system in this review. However, it won’t be able to do its work if you maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. It will only work with its full potential if you follow a healthy diet instead of binging on junk foods and do some exercise regularly!

Octane Elliptical Q35 Reviews In 2019:Buying & Comparison

Octane elliptical q35 reviews

When you are not satisfied with the performance of the updated model elliptical, the old model machine can provide the best performance. Today we want to introduce you with an old version elliptical machine, with which you must be satisfied like all other users by using that. We want to talk about the Octane Elliptical q35 machine. It is an award-winning brand. The machine has gained popularity within a very short time due to its durability and functionality. It is one of the best machines to work together on the upper and lower limb exercises. In the Octane elliptical q35 reviews, you will be informed about all the information on this machine. Hope you will enjoy using this machine.

Why you should purchase the Octane Fitness Q35x machine?

Based on a few features of an elliptical machine, we consider it the best. This includes machine speed, stride length, workout, etc.

There are usually 24-30 workouts for a good machine. Although it's an expert level, if you're a beginner, then 10-20 workouts are enough for you. 

It's made in the front-drive style. Generally, there are three types of machines. Front-Drive is one of these, and front-drive machine performance is quite good. The flywheel of the machine is in front. 

But there is no doubt about the performance of the machine, if you can exercise regularly and correctly, then you can make your body fitness very quickly.

Because of the exercise of this machine is consuming a lot of calories. As a result, your body weight and fat will decrease.

Octane Fitness Q35x machine Reviews

If you are looking for the best elliptical to exercise at home then it may be one of the best choices for you. Due to exceptional performance, this machine is invincible value in the market.

Octane Q35x has been created with the few types of programs. This machine has won rewards due to exceptional performance.

Firstly, buying a machine will not only benefit from the physical exercise but you will get financially affordable.

When the other brands sell the machine at 10k$, then Octane Q35x is selling this high-quality machine for just 2,000 USD with the same feature.

However, for the smooth motion of this machine, to purchase exactly the same motion machine, you may sometimes have to spend $ 5000.

So you decide now which machine you should buy. The Octane Q35x machine has a 5-year warranty if you want to buy these same parts separately; you have to spend a lot of money.

If you want high workouts, then this machine is not for you. This machine has been created with the 8 workout features.

Four goals have been fixed for this machine. This will challenge you to test the marathon and burn 350 calories.

Also, the workout boosters help you with cardio and strength training. There are 20.5-inch strike lengths for the machine.

To maintain the level of exercise in the upper and lower part of the body while exercising, Octane Q35x has the ideal handlebar. As a result, you can exercise by maintaining natural motion. 

And the extra resistance of the machine makes the exercising motion more effective.

Especially when you exercise in Outdoor, these additional resistance levels will play the most effective role.

If you compare this machine with cross trainer, you will be able to identify the difference between those machines.

Basically, this type of machine is more emphasized in the exercise of the upper part of the body and increases the calorie burning levels in the body.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine

Our Favorite Features

•8 Preset Workouts.

•High-quality display.

•300-pound weight carrying capacity.

•Attached the book rack with the machine. Listen to music.

•With the help of transfer wheels, the machine can easily be moved from one place to another.

•Stride Length: 20.5".

Warranty & Guarantee

•Frame: Lifetime

•Parts: 5 Years

•Labor: 1 Year


  • Maintain exercise levels through heart rate monitoring.

  • Narrow pedal.

  • 8 workout


  • angle-double-right

    Fixed length

Frequently Asked Question & Answer(FAQ)

Question:What is the difference between the cross trainer and elliptical machine?

Answer:The elliptical machine is manufactured with some typical feature for the exercise. But in Cross Trainer, you get some useful advantages beyond the ordinary feature.

Exercise in the elliptical machine allows you to exercise without any impact on the body of each joint. Sometimes you get cardio-related exercises in these elliptical machines.

On both machines, you will get the opportunity to work on the upper and lower part of the body and create muscle.

Both machines are of the same type, but most experts say the cross-trainers advantage is more than the elliptical machine. 

The main difference between the two machines is design, and the rest of the features are almost the same.

Question:Can I reduce body weight by exercising on this machine?

Answer:For most of the elliptical machines, this feature has been kept as default. Making body muscle, removing back pain, exercising cardio, as well as you will be able to reduce your body weight.

Question:How to actually get a good workout on the Octane elliptical q35?

Answer:There are some ways to get the best workout from any elliptical machine. This machine has only 8 workouts.

If you can complete 8 workout routines and exercise to burn calories on a moderate level, you must reach your desired goal very quickly. Another thing to mention is that this machine has 4 goals to complete the workout.

                                              The Bottom Line

Octane Q35x is the ideal machine for those who are looking for a primary stage exercising machine.

Sometimes a machine can be considered to be best based on other things except for workout.

This machine is less workout but other benefits are much more. Wireless heart rate monitoring is a very useful feature for any machine; this machine has the opportunity to monitor the heart rate.

Octane elliptical q35 reviews said about all the benefits of using the machine, hope you will not have any doubts.