The Different Types of Elliptical Machines

Different Types of Elliptical

It is often said that choice is a curse and boon at the same time. Let us look at fitness machines as an example. What if there are only a few products available on the market. It means that you wouldn’t have any problem choosing a product, correct? You would rush to the nearest store, buy something and go back home. But you shouldn’t forget that you are likely to be fooled, don’t you think so? On the other hand, if there are many fitness machines in the market to choose from, you can have one of the most suitable and best machines; however, it is important that you spend some time in the selection process.

Elliptical Machines

However, considering the case of elliptical trainers, things are a little different. You actually have to find the right for you. Today, you can find different types of elliptical machines on the market. They are classified based on a number of criteria. It is important that you choose a machine that suits your requirements and goals. For example, beginners don’t need a high-end elliptical machine which would require a lot of money to purchase. In this post, we will be looking at the types of elliptical machines and the advantages of using them. So, in this guide, you will know which one to choose.

Before we start As mentioned above, classifying elliptical machines is a complex process because of the abundance of products in the market. Many features have become common in the course of time in these types of the elliptical machines. A good example is the case of the digital activity console. The same applies to foldable and non-foldable designs. It is therefore common to consider all the elements as a popular criterion. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the different

Types of elliptical machines

Before we go into detailed classifications, these machines can be placed into three categories. All the three major types have their own pros and cons. You should choose the right machine with respect to the part of your body you want it to focus on. You might actually experience some weight loss benefits with these machines, which is anyway one of the main goals of using an elliptical machine. Here are the 3 different types of elliptical.

1. Elliptical trainer

This is the most common type of elliptical machine. It provides a significant impact on the lower body. It has pedals which when you apply force on, will result in movements in the long run. The handlebar stays in one position during your workout, helping you to maintain balance in the machine.

Elliptical trainer

2. Elliptical cross-trainer

This machine focuses on both the upper and lower body when you work out. Unlike the above-mentioned machine, the elliptical cross trainer has a movable handlebar which also plays a key role in your workout on the elliptical trainer. This machine will give you an extensive level of workout, focusing on your shoulders, joints, upper back, legs, chest, etc.

Elliptical cross-trainer

3. Elliptical Glider

The elliptical glider is a bit different as it follows a different method when it comes to leg movements. The movements of this machine are more up and down. You won’t experience more circular action. In addition, there are no handles or anything that will confuse you. You will obviously experience a little more impact on the upper body rather than the lower body. Foldable and non-foldable design This classification is simple mainly because you have the freedom to decide based on whether you require portability perks.

Elliptical Glider

4. Foldable elliptical machines

These types of machines are designed for ultimate portability. It can be minimized into a movable form despite being a full-size trainer, glider or cross-trainer. There will be areas where you would be able to reduce the total length and width. These are the right type of machines to use if you have less storage space and still looking to get a complete elliptical training experience

Foldable elliptical machines

5. Non-foldable elliptical machines

This one is a more common type in the market because of many reasons. First and most importantly, you can be sure that you will get some extra performance in this machine, thanks to its sturdy design. Since it has nothing to compromise on the aspect of design, total care is given for performance. You, however, need to dedicate some extra storage space. You should also make sure that you have transport wheels so that you can easily move from one room to another.

Non-foldable elliptical machines

Different drive systems

Today’s elliptical machines have different drive systems. These drive systems their own pros and cons, from performance and comfort. Let us look at each one of them.

Front-drive elliptical

A front-drive elliptical machine has the drive system positioned at the front. In most cases, it will feel like a climbing staircase. This machine is quite sturdy and you can use it for intense workouts. This machine is usually compact, which is amazing

Center drive elliptical

As you’ve probably guessed, the drive system in this machine is located at the center. It is ideal for people who have small storage. With the center drive elliptical, you will get the feeling that you are safe and enclosed inside a machine. This is the ideal machine for people who want to experience a quiet workout

Rear drive elliptical

The drive system in this type is located at the back. Widely used for simulating the actions of walking and jogging, this machine is very popular. However, it is not easy to find a compact version of this type.


There are three main types of the elliptical trainer. We have also mentioned the notable types in each one of them. Since we have covered all the information you need to know about them, it should be easy for you to choose the best elliptical machine that will meet your needs. This guide should help you make an informed decision with regard to the type of elliptical machine so that you can get value for your money.

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