Elliptical Machine vs Treadmill for Weight Loss – Which one is best?

If you love to workout then you must have come across these two terms: an elliptical machine and a treadmill. These two are powerful and very vital cardiovascular machines. They can leave you with top quality workout and improve your cardio health in no time.

Between the two, elliptical machine vs treadmill, they are all great at burning extra calories and improving your aerobic capacity. Nonetheless, every one of them has a unique way of getting the job done.

So between an elliptical machine and treadmill which one is more effective? Which one should you use for cardio workout or calorie burning? In this post, we have properly highlighted everything that you need to know about these two vital workout machines.
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elliptical machine vs treadmill

In this section, we are going to highlight on the pros and cons of using these two machines. This will help you to determine which one of the two suits your needs. It will make your choice easy and reliable.

Benefits of the Treadmill

Simple as they may look, treadmills offer a wide range of workout options. They are flexible and will give you so many workout drills to work with. From a slow walk down the alley to an endurance sprit up the hills, this machine covers it all in terms of incline (terrain), speed, and resistance.

.High Output
If you must propel your body weight you need substantial amount of effort. This will help your body to burn any extra calories at a higher rate. A treadmill provides you with numerous settings that will give you the type of effort that you need for every workout program that you chose to go with.

Unlike many contemporary workout machines that we see, the treadmill has remained rather conventional in design. It is simple and easy to work with and emulates familiar and natural workout drills such as sprinting, jogging, and walking. Plus, this machine is easy to learn or set up and use.

Treadmills have been used for very many centuries. Since the early 1800s, they have been around and are the trademark in every recreational facility. They have developed and become much more ideal as cardio equipment. Because of this, you can rely on them more for maximum results.

Cons of the Treadmill

.Safety Concern 
Using a treadmill generally depends on your ability to control yourself. It is open. Because of this, there is fear that high intensity workouts such as deep incline sprint can be quite dangerous for people with lower skill levels.

.Slight Discomfort
The treadmill’s handles are set up to help you determine your cardio rates when you hold onto them. However, the setup is often challenging and quite uncomfortable for someone who is running at high speed. It will feel tough.

.Tough on the Joints
A constant running workout routine on a treadmill can easily stress up your spine, ankle, hips, and knees. This is because many treadmill setups have no proper suspensions to limit on this effect. Nonetheless, a warm up routine before you set foot on your treadmill can be very helpful in addressing this concern.

.Muscle Imbalances
There are studies that have shown that the treadmill’s belt can easily cause posture problems thus causing people to change the way they walk or sprint. However, this is attributed to the difference in the quality of treadmills. 

Benefits of the Elliptical

​.Whole Training
Elliptical machine comes equipped with moveable handles on the set up. This is cool as it provides you with the opportunity to also workout your upper body including your hands while at the same time working your lower body too.

.Less Strenuous
The elliptical machine will also allow you emulate ideal running or jogging motions without necessarily causing the strenuous impact on your body’s joints which a treadmill will do. Indeed this is one advantage that is so vivid when you choose to compare elliptical machine vs. treadmill. And one that many pro athletes know.

.Reverse Strides
Unlike the treadmill, this is really possible on an elliptical machine. You can easily stride in reverse. This is a good workout if you intend to activate the different muscle groups such as the quads. It also offers a range of workout routine.

.Lower Exertion
It has been found that when working on an elliptical machine you will get more benefits than you perceive. The study which was carried out by the National Center for Biotechnology Information determined that when an individual embarks on an elliptical machine the output will be maximized with the least amount of effort.

 Cons of the Elliptical Machine

.Rigid in Design
Unlike the treadmill, an elliptical machine is hard to adjust for some specific variations such as incline as the machine lacks an incline option. The speed that you can achieve is also limited. Because of this, it is tough to attain exceptional variations when in need of top intensity.
Less Impact

When you use an elliptical machine, you will have less weight bearing impact. This is because the machine’s pedals are usually suspended above the ground and therefore lack weight. This can be good for preventing injury. However, it will have a lesser strength building touch on the bones.

Strength building of the bones has been found to be very important for senior people especially those who want to prevent osteoporosis.

For people who are just starting out, coordinating between the legs and the arms can be quite difficult. You might end up with low momentum and more specifically a lower workout capacity and intensity. 

The Bottom Line: Calorie Burning

Recent studies have shown that the average amount of calories that you can burn when jogging on a treadmill for one hour is approximately 750-800 while that of an elliptical machine is about 750. This means there isn’t a major difference, but more importantly, the final results depend on how far you are willing to go.

If you have an injury that you are coming out of or if you want to get your cardiovascular help at par but with minimal impact, elliptical machine is your best bet. For pro athletes who want to build on intensity, you can go with the treadmill as they are much more versatile and will work well for experienced people. 

Robert G. Morgan

Robert is a professional cardio trainer.He has been elliptical trainer for last 5 years. He loves using elliptical machine for exercise.Based on his experience of elliptical trainer,he is sharing his opinion about different types of elliptical machine.

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