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Yowza Fitness Elliptical

Yowza Fitness is a company that is separate from others. Only these companies are selling products online and not by competing with any company in the market. And they are not selling this product by any retailer. Among the other elliptical machines we’ve reviewed, yowza fitness elliptical is the only machine that brings the product to the market with all the features and at high prices.

Other companies such as Schwinn, precor produce products in good and advanced features but at very low prices. Yowza Fitness is very popular for its customer service and advanced products.

At present, this company has reined the market with three advanced products. so, we pick yowza fitness elliptical reviews for you.

Yowza Fitness Elliptical Reviews

1. Front Drive

The popularity of this machine is because it is available at a very cheap price and it is very popular due to exercise in the house and due to the training feature. It is very smooth to operate and it is a less impact machine. It has been made in the reverse technology of rear-drive machines.

2. Cardio Core

Yowza is the first elliptical machines producing company that the company has been created a machine to exercise with proper efficiency, which allows you to maintain body fitness at the right time. The handlebars are designed in such a way that you can exercise your cardio-core with this machine. Exercise on this machine for body weight reduction, upper body exercises; reduce the chances of injury in the body, etc.

3. SURE Series

With the help of the Swing-Up Reactive Elliptical machine, you can adjust the workout of the machine as you wish. The stride length and incline can be increased or decreased. And handlebars can turn around as you wish. Which is ideal for your heart-related exercise.

4. Product Highlighted

Let’s talk about the machine now. The machine we will talk about is very easy to run. Although there is no training feature, there are more advantages for new users when there is a training feature. If you use it then you will no need to train. Any user exercises on this machine will have different benefits and exercise will result in rapid improvement in the body.

Yowza Fitness Elliptical

Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Machine Review

What do you look forward to maintaining your body’s fitness? Of course, you are giving more attention to bodyweight loss to keep your body healthy. Because of to preserve body fitness, the body needs to be properly prepared. And the only proposition for this physical preparation is weight loss.

Exercise with Yowza Fitness Machine, so you can see a lot of changes in your body at once. Exercise on this machine, like many experts, it is possible to reduce body weight, be able to exercise heart and prepare body muscles. And there is no alternative to this machine for the results of very quick exercise. The stride of this machine can be adjusted from 19 inches to 32 inches long and incline up to 60%.

Another interesting feature of this machine is that with this machine you can connect Bluetooth with mobile and listen to music. Which normally, do not get to any other machine. Apart from this, there are three apps that can be used by connecting the iPhone, Android phone to other functions. Moreover, the computer feature like another elliptical machine, you can be seen the exercising data with the help of this machine’s mobile apps.

Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical

Product Features and Specifications:


This machine is made with a durable design. This is suitable for commercial use.


This machine incline is adjustable and stabilized. Which is preferred based on users and models.


Each machine in the Yowza model is rich in iPad. And this machine is designed with some interesting features. This machine has been built up with Bluetooth technology. And some machines have been made with LCD display.

Customizable Features

Electrically replaceable incline.

Flywheel : This machine has been made in Front Drive technology, so there is no Flywheel on this machine.

Stride Length: 19 to 32 inches Stride Length.

Programs: 21 programs and 9 customs.


This machine has 400 pounds of the user carrying capacity.

  • The highest tech machine.
  • This is the best product in the market in 2014.
  • Can be the exercise in the cardio core.
  • As well as exercising, body weight can be reduced.
  • Exercises in the upper part of the body can be done.
  • The incline of this machine is operated in an electric way.
  • No Computer Features.
  • There is no manual workout profile.

Final Word

Yowza Fitness  Elliptical Trainer Machine is a long-lasting and sturdy machine. This machine’s frame has a warranty for ten years. You can use it for many years continuously. Being a more powerful machine, you can use it for everyone in your family.

The people of every family want their family to have a good physical condition, and for that, they find a good Elliptical Trainer. So, this is an ideal machine. Its handlebar is perfect for keeping and making your body’s fitness.

Therefore, the Yowza fitness elliptical may be the best machine for you and your family to maintain body fitness. so, we write yowza fitness elliptical reviews for you.

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