Top 3 Cybex Arc Trainer Reviews [3 Models Compared]

Top 3 Cybex Arc Trainer Reviews

According to most fitness enthusiasts, the fastest and most advanced elliptical machine is the Cybex arc trainer. The Cybex arc machine is mainly used for commercial purposes. This large-size machine is suitable for high-quality physical fitness and cardio exercises. In one word you can call this machine a standard elliptical machine.

But, which Cybex Arc Trainer should you get? There are many models available on the market. To help you out, we have researched and reviewed 3 most popular cyber arc trainer models to determine which one should be your first preference.

According to our review and analysis, Cybex 750A Arc Trainer wins the competition. It is mainly a lower body fitness machine that well combines a climber, skier and a trainer. With 9 custom programs and 8 preset programs, this one surely wins our choice.

However, if you want to know the detailed review, please go on with the article.

What Is Cybex Arc Trainer?

This Cybex arc trainer has been made in tighter designs. The machine’s price is too high for this machine’s high capacity. Generally, the Cybex Arc Trainer is not used for a single user profile. Maybe everyone in the family will do this exercise; otherwise, this machine is purchased for large workout programs in the gymnasium.

The advantage of Cybex Arc Trainer is that it quickly exercises through calorie depletion and creates low impact motion. Cybex is the only ideal machine to program three types of body workouts. The advantage of exercising on this machine is that you can walk fast, walk in a long step, and get to the capacity of climbing the mountain.

Follow the Cybex arc trainer reviews for detailed discussion.

3 Best Cybex Arc Trainers: Comparison Chart

Item Name/QualityCybex Arc Trainer 750ATCybex 750A Arc TrainerCybex Arc Trainer 600a​
Item weight404 pounds412 pounds‎ 325 Pounds
Warranty10 years for frame, 3 years for parts 1 year for labor10 years for frame, 3 years for parts 1 year for labor90 days for parts and labor and no warranty for the frame
Maximum weight capacity400 pounds400 pounds400 pounds
Stride length24 inches24 inchesNot mentioned
Measurement36.75 x 62.5 x 77 inches (WxHxD)28.5 x 62.5 x 77 inches (WxHxD)67 X 30 X 59 inches (WxHxD)
Resistance range 0 to 900 watts 0 to 900 watts 0 to 900 watts
Exercise programs8 preset programs and 9 custom programs8 preset programs and 9 custom programs7 preset programs

Top 3 Cybex Arc Trainer Reviews

1. Cybex Arc Trainer 750AT

The arc Cybex 750 AT machine is perfect for exercising throughout the body. This machine is best for completing everyday workouts like cardio exercises with maintaining the rules.

Although there is a high-value machine, due to the overwhelming power of this machine, there is a lot of demand for this machine in the market.

Although, it is also a cross trainer as well as an elliptical. However, CROSS TRAINERS and elliptical are already quite different. Many of you are not familiar with the cross trainer. All cross-trainer is not created in the same way. Generally, cross-trainer has discovered different methods for exercising different parts of the body.

One of which is to create body fitness for climbing the mountain. Normally the whole body exercises can be done during playing, apart from that, there is very little way to exercise the whole body. However, this machine will require lots of energy to exercise.

Because of it is a low-impact machine. To exercise in this machine will spending more calories.

To exercise on this Cybex arc trainer 750at machine you only need muscle strength, as well as no knee, butt, or back strength. 

Cybex 750AT Total Body Arc Trainer

Features & Specifications:

  • 8 customized programs.
  • 9 Custom Profiles.
  • The ability to carry 400 pounds.
  • The Best feature for climbing training.
  • Big display.
  • The TV monitor can be connected with the display.
  • 10-year frame warranty.
  • Incline Dimensions 21.
  • Stride length: 24 inches
  • Very powerful cross trainer.
  • Ideal trainer machine.
  • Three types of exercise together.
  • No computer Features.

2. Cybex 750A Arc Trainer

Usually, you can choose this elliptical machine if you are a player. You will be able to exercise happily with this machine in any environment.

This machine creates less pressure for the user and it is made up of such plans. This machine is also made for commercial use.

The machine is suitable for the gymnasium or sports club. That does not mean that it is not for use in the domestic environment. It is also a standard machine for home use.

If you have thought of exercising, do not worry more to buy this machine for home use. This machine has been created with 8 scheduled workouts.

However, another question may arise in your mind, There are more than 20 workout programs in the common elliptical machines under $1000, but why are these machines less than 10 workouts?

Actually, this machine-made to create body muscle and maintain fitness. You can reduce weight by exercising on this machine but your heart rate cannot be seen.

But the only ideal machine for exercising in three conditions. The system of exercising that is low is called Glide; the middle-level exercise is called Stride and high-level exercise that is called Climb. If the user wishes to increase and decrease the incline, he can do this.

Cybex 750A Arc Trainer

Features & Specifications:

  • Carrying capacity is more than 400 pounds.
  • Exercising in three ways.
  • 10-year frame warranty.
  • Incline level: 21.
  • Stride length: 24 inches.
  • The TV screen can be connected with the monitor.
  • Single user profile.
  • Only one can show heart rate control data. 
  • Three exercising methods.
  • 8 Pre-prepared programs.
  • Ideal machine for body weight loss.

3. Cybex Arc Trainer 600a​​​

It is the most accelerated Elliptical Trainer. Many people call this machine as the king of speed. The Cybex 600A Arc was selected as the best Elliptical Trainer in 2004 and 2005.

And users are satisfied using this machine because they vote for this machine as honors as the best machine. Someone called this machine the BMW.

And you know that The BMW is one of the fastest cars in the world. This less impact machine is very easy to operate.

With this machine can be exercised both front and back. Exercise on the Cybex 600A Arc machine allows you to strengthen your body bone joint.

This machine will start very fast; you can exercise as fast as you want. And you can also stop the speed of the machine instantly. This machine has several popular and interesting features also.

The main thing is that by exercising you will gain strength like climbing hills.

Cybex machines are mainly made for using business purpose. The Cybex 600A is mostly seen to using the gymnasiums and in sporting clubs.

Because of this, computer features are not kept on this machine. However, this machine has a large display. You can view the required information on this display.

Cybex Arc Trainer 600a Elliptical. Refurbished Commercial Gym Quality Ellipticals w/ Warranty

Features & Specifications:

  • A large size display.
  • 11 Incline levels.
  • Stride Length: 24″
  • Can carry the weight of 400 pounds.
  • Weight loss, quick start.
  • Carrying water bottles.
  • Ideal machine for body weight loss.
  • you can see the speed.
  • Angle-double-rightNothing Found

How Does Cybex Arc Trainer Machine Work?

Cybex arc trainer is originally designed for use in various exercise clubs and home. One thing to say beforehand is that this machine is a very valuable machine. Its current value about of 2000$.

Cybex arc trainer is much more popular because of its ability to speed fast, and calorie consumption levels. And this is a very stable machine. If you want to keep your body fit, want to strengthen the body’s upper and lower muscles and reduce body weight, this machine is ideal for you.

It can be used for home or gymnasium. Just remember that is enough. Remember one thing; if you are a new trainer or an expert, this machine is perfect for both conditions.This machines step is too long. Your main benefit is because of this long, you can prepare yourself to climb the mountain. You can compare this with other machines.

The design of the incline of other machines is usually parallel. But the incline of this machine is not parallel.

As a result, you will get confirmation of the upper part of the body and the lower part of the exercise. Now we will discuss the details of these three machines, stay with us:

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Is Cybex Arc Trainer A Good Workout?

The Cybex trainer is one of the best workout options as it provides you with the best of three worlds, such as cross-country skier, climber, and elliptical trainer. You will get all the benefits of these three and much more.

Let’s dive into the details-

Strengthened Muscles

Any Cybex Arc Trainer can allow you to add more leg muscles than any other type of workout device. As a consequence, everything, including your calves and the hips, will feel the heat while you exercise on the trainer. It will result in larger and more toned muscles all over your legs.

You can also stretch your abs when you are working out on the Cybex Arc Trainer. This will involve your core muscles in exercise, in addition to your legs and arms.

Better Cardio Health

A Cybex Arc Trainer provides excellent aerobic training that delivers several cardiovascular advantages. It helps reduce both blood pressure and heart rate by training the heart to become more productive at pumping blood around. This implies that your heart isn’t having to work just as hard to accomplish the same function, leading to a heart that would work very effortlessly and last for many years.

The cardio activity also helps to manage cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart and vascular disease, and lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack. Without the need for doubt, a Cybex Arc Trainer is an excellent way to extend your life.

VO2 Max

A Cybex Arc Trainer also gives you aerobic exercise regimens. This will include an activity where the lungs are also being worked equally hard as the heart. The further you train your lungs, the stronger they will get at their activities, just like all the other parts of your body that are routinely exercised.

Over time, your oxygen consumption rate will rise and your lungs will be able to handle more oxygen. Because of the increased oxygen supply, you will feel tired less frequently and will be capable of working out for longer periods of time.

Strengthen Bones

The Cybex Arc Trainer gives you a weight-bearing workout. So it places extra weight and muscle on your bones. Extra weight on bones has proved to be helpful in building bones in a better way because that helps lay down the cells that create bone mass.

So, the more weight-bearing exercises you do with the Cybex Arc Trainer, the more bone mass your osteoblasts will like to lose, which means you will have stronger and denser bones. This will be useful for avoiding cracked and broken bones if you accidentally fall, as well as for avoiding degenerative spinal disorders such as arthritis in old age.

Improved Ability And Endurance

The Arc Trainer is training equipment that helps you get stronger, quicker, more competent, and much more resilient. Improved stamina and ability follow from stronger muscles. Strength training allows you to run faster, leap higher, lift bigger loads while doing everything for a longer period of time.

It also improves the effectiveness of your lungs, allowing you to absorb plenty of oxygen to continue exercising for a long time. It all will contribute to enhancing your overall endurance.

Improved Cognitive Stimulation

Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise has been proven to have a positive effect on the brain. Because of all the increased activation, oxygen delivery, and improved blood flow, this is the case.

Increased neuronal activity is the result of most of this extra blood going to your brain. This causes your brain to generate extra serotonin. Your problem-solving abilities, long and short memory, and, most importantly, your basic cognitive abilities will be improved.

Low Impact Exercise Programs

The Arc Trainer is an excellent technique to work out without further causing damage to your joints. This ensures that when you are exercising on the Cybex Arc Trainer, no severe pressure or shock is transmitted to your joints, feet, legs, or the rest of the body. Health enthusiasts with physical muscle and bone problems can also utilize the Cybex Arc Trainer.

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What Muscles Does The Cybex Arc Trainer Work?

The Cybex trainer engages both the arm and leg muscles of the users. This piece of fitness training is ideal for professionals as it allows users to receive upper body exercise while still helping to keep the lower part of the body in shape. The muscles worked by Cybex Arc Trainer-

  • Arm muscles
  • Thigh muscles
  • Glutes muscles
  • Hamstring muscles etc.

Is Cybex Good For Weight Loss?

If you consume plenty of calories, your body will have an abundance of fuel that will not be used as fuel but remain in your body. If you do not exercise, those remaining calories will be converted into body fat.

A Cybex Arc Trainer can help you lose extra body fat, resulting in weight loss. It can assist you in burning up to 16% additional calories than any treadmill or elliptical equipment can. It is proven that if you use an Arc Trainer for only thirty minutes, it might result in calorie burn ranging from 300 to 475 calories.

A calorie loss of 3,500 is required to lose one pound of weight. According to the calculation, you can get rid of more than a pound every week if you exercise on a Cybex Arc Trainer for thirty minutes per day.

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Does The Cybex Arc Trainer Burn Belly Fat?

Most people deal with having all their excessive body fat visible in the belly. Even thin people have issues with belly fat. To remove only belly fat, it’s normal to want low-impact training equipment.

Cyber Arc Trainer helps in burning calories and getting rid of unsightly body fats like belly fat. It is famous for its low-impact weight loss exercise opportunities that can burn 300 to 475 calories by only 30 minutes of exercise.

Is The Cybex Arc Trainer Bad For Knees?

The Cybex arc trainer is not bad for the knees. Moreover, it is well-known for putting less strain on the joints of its users. It efficiently minimizes knee joint tension while also activating hip joints. It not only relieves strain on the knee joints but also aids in the burning of calories.

Whenever you slide your toes underneath your knees, you put greater pressure on the knee joints, which would be more prone to causing harm to those joints later in life. But unlike most other low-impact workout equipment, the Cybex Arc trainer stops the toes from extending behind your knee.

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Cybex arc is the best elliptical among the more powerful and valued elliptical trainers. This elliptical trainer is mainly suitable for faster results and more hardcore training. It could be in the gymnasium or at home.

In this buying guide, we have mentioned 3 best machines in Cybex arc trainer reviews so you can choose the one you prefer. According to our analysis, we’ll recommend the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer as our first choice for anyone who is just stepping into the Cybex world.

Feel free to choose the other two if they meet your requirement.

Happy Training!

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