How Much Does It Cost To Move An Elliptical?

How Much Does It Cost To Move An Elliptical

Moving around is already pretty stressful in itself. And even more so when you have to move heavy-duty exercising equipment like ellipticals. Due to their weight, you have to sometimes pay the movers extra as well. So, how much does it cost to move an elliptical overall?

Moving an elliptical generally costs between $80 to $160. The movers will charge you for moving an elliptical based on a few specific factors such as the weight limit, fragility, moving distance, etc. And the price will continue to go up accordingly if you bring a subtle change to any of the general conditions.

Again, lots of movers include the cost of moving an elliptical to the cost of overall moving itself. It honestly depends on the servicing sector in your area. Let’s have a look into the factors that play into the cost of moving an elliptical then, shall we?

How Much Does It Cost To Move An Elliptical?

To be honest, there’s no fixed price when it comes to such errands. It all depends on your area and the moving company’s respective resolution.

However, if we were to give a general estimate, we would keep it anywhere between $80 to $160. You shouldn’t have to pay any more than that no matter what state you’re living in. If you do, maybe it’s time to check in with a different company and get their quote instead.

Again, just because a company is asking a lot more, doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Equipment like ellipticals, basically any gym equipment is a lot more fragile than usual objects. As a result, they often require special care and attention while moving.

So, you’ll possibly need to pay a high price to get the best care for your elliptical. Such movers are highly experienced with these types of moving and they know how to do it best. Thus, unless you mind spending a little extra, it’s best to go for moving companies like these.

That being said, getting your run-of-the-mill movers for as low as eighty bucks isn’t a bad option either. And neither does it necessarily make their service any worse than the specialized ones.

If you convey proper instructions and have a good eye, you can get excellent movers at a low cost as well. After all, it all depends on how efficient and reliable someone is at their job. And at the end of the day, all movers acknowledge that, specialized ones or not.

What Factors Go Into The Moving Of An Elliptical Machine?

As mentioned above, the cost of moving an elliptical depends on some specific factors. Here’s a brief overview of the general factors to give you a better idea.

Moving Distance

First and foremost, the overall distance is the primary factor that plays into the cost of moving an elliptical. And yes, if it’s not obvious already, the larger the distance is, the more you’ll have to pay to the movers.

Again, whether the movers actually deliver to the area that you want the elliptical transported to, is a big concern. You would not hire a local moving company to move something across the continent, will you now?

Precisely. At the end of the day, it all mounts up to the relative distance of the transportation. Normally, movers will charge you a specific amount within their local vicinity which is applicable for all. You can find out about that by reading up on their quote.

And for larger distances, different rules come into action. For example – they might charge you extra ten bucks for every extra mile they have to cover. The price may fluctuate a bit depending on the moving company that you hire. But, the principle stands quite the same.

Moving Location

You’ll have to pay extra fees if you are relocating your elliptical from one state to the other. No matter the distance, shifting something to an entirely different state is a whole other thing.

So, that will play into the total cost when you move the hires. You’ll also have to play by certain rules and regulations while moving through different states. Again, if there are multiple states involved, the costs will be adjusted accordingly.

Size & Weight

Next thing that matters a lot – the actual size and weight of the elliptical. Not all ellipticals come in the same configuration. As a result, it’s obvious that there will be ups and downs in their moving cost as well.

However, in most cases, the cost is included if you are bulk moving the house items. It’s only when the weight is surplus or the item is excessively fragile, that you have to pay extra. So, if you intend to move only the elliptical, best to adjust the pricing accordingly.

Other than these, additional factors may play into the equation depending on where you live and whatnot. So, best to keep an eye out for those as well before you decide on a mover.

What Can You Do To Reduce The Cost Of Moving An Elliptical?

Well, no one indeed likes extra costs. Little by little, these extra costs can heavily influence your savings account. So, here are a few ways how you can reduce the cost of moving an elliptical.

Bulk Moving

This is the best option if you are relocating everything. For example – changing the whole house or office space. Or, if you own a gym, maybe you’re moving on to a better location. When that happens, you have to move all the equipment together, no?

Precisely. And since you have lots of equipment to move, you can hire a company that offers bulk moving services. You’ll find that they have several packages that pertain to these exact conditions. And the fees are a lot less as well.

Seriously though, hiring a moving company to move everything together is a lot cheaper in retrospect. They will have to traverse the equal distance anyway, so why not take advantage of the situation?

So, you can hire the same movers to move your daily household items to move the elliptical as well. Do not, however, forget to convey proper instructions lest they treat it like any other package.

If needed, stay active during the loading period, so you can guarantee its proper safety and placement. But if you’re still concerned, just call in a moving company that specializes in moving gyms and workout equipment. After all, it’s better to stay assured and without stress.


If you own a big truck or can rent one, you can move the elliptical yourself. That way, you won’t have to hire any moving company at all. So, if you feel up for it and wanna save some precious bucks, this is the way to go.

This, however, does mean that you have to do all the packing and unpacking by yourself too. And if it’s a long journey, you will have to make adequate preparations for that as well. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure.

Also, if you don’t have relevant experience, you can run into several problems as well. Like, what to do if your packing suddenly comes undone in the middle of a journey? You don’t want to deliver an elliptical full of scratches to the new address, do you now?

The point is, think carefully about whether you’re truly up for it before deciding that. And we do highly recommend hiring an actual moving company, especially if it’s a long-distance moving. Better to pay their fees than having to pay a fortune in damage control.

How To Find The Best Exercise Equipment Movers In Your Area?

It’s important to decide on your budget first before deciding to look for equipment movers. No point in approaching a company only to let them down at the last step. Here’s how you can find the best exercise equipment movers in your area:

Spy Online

Ahem, by spying, we don’t mean that you go full James Bond on them. Just ask Google for information on your nearby moving companies and that’s pretty much all you’ll need. With the world going fully online, it’s safe to assume that they have an online presence of their own.

So, find some time out to research the nearby companies. If they are active on social media and there’s full transparency, that makes them much more reliable at a first impression.

Check Out Reviews

Social media, especially Facebook, has an active social community. Needless to say that, nothing goes past these super inquisitive communities. And if the moving company of your choice is fairly popular, chances are that there are reviews about them too.

So, if they are a good company, you’ll find moderately good reviews of them online. And vice versa, if someone had a bad experience with them. By checking out such reviews, you can determine whether they are worth hiring or not. It’s a pretty reliable method nowadays.

Website Management

A well-managed website is often a clear sign of good overall company management too. It means that they took their time to prepare a platform so people could easily contact them. Which, by retrospect, means that they will most likely stay reliable in their services as well.

So, contact them via the website or customer management corner and see how fast they respond. And while asking about services, notice their behavior. All these can help you to determine how good of a service they can provide.

Precautions You Should Take Before Moving An Elliptical Machine

Finally, it’s time to find out why you can come across troublesome situations while moving an elliptical. Yes, such events may happen even after you make adequate preparations. Here are a few precautions you should take before moving an elliptical machine.

Taking Apart The Elliptical

It’s no surprise that ellipticals are an absolute unit at times. And that’s why it’s neither easy nor is it wise to carry them as a whole while moving the machine. Not only is it going to take up way more space, but it’ll also increase the chances of damage.

Fortunately, it’s possible to disassemble most elliptical machines to an extent. You can strip them down to smaller pieces for easy access and mounting. For example – it’s possible to remove the handles, foot pedals, display, etc.

By doing this, you can store the parts nicely and properly in different packaging as well. However, it’s best to get a professional to remove the parts for you. No point in trying to disassemble something if you accidentally end up breaking them, right?

Store In Separate Packages

Not all parts of the elliptical are made of the same material. Some have a much softer and delicate interface while the others are straight-up metal. So, friction may play its part if you try to store them together in a long journey.

For instance – if you keep the screws or nuts alongside the display, the harsh metal can scratch the screen. And if it’s indeed a long drive, the continuous bumps and turns can cause the screen to break as well.

So, unless you want parts of your elliptical to magically get damaged, pay better attention. Keep all the heavy and metal-like objects in a separate foamed-up package so that they can’t scratch anything. And keep all the soft and stretchy materials together for an easy transition.

Final Words

So, how much does it cost to move an elliptical after all? Turns out, you can hire some efficient movers to move them safely for a little over 100 bucks or so. However, if your equipment goes over the weight limit, make sure to pay some extra bucks.

The same stands true for long-distance moving. Don’t worry though. The mover will inform you of the extra costs in advance so it doesn’t come as a shock to you. And if not, you could always just ask them out personally to get rid of any hesitation.

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