8 Best Elliptical Under $200 [Top Budget Picks]

Best Elliptical Under $200

In today’s world, nobody wants to lag behind physically from others. About 95% of people aged 18+ have been doing exercise to maintain physical fitness. There are many ways to do exercise to keep fit your body. But the best and the easiest way is to exercise with the elliptical machine.

If you want to exercise at home, there are lots of options for that. You can also go to the gymnasium and exercise with a weight trainer. However, for home use, one of the best options for you can be an elliptical machine. Elliptical machines are easy to use and suitable for people up to all ages, even if you are above 60!

However, one problem with elliptical machine is, they often come with a hefty price tag. That demotivates most of us to invest on an elliptical machine. But that stops today. In today’s article, I’ll review 8 Elliptical machines that are not only cheap, all of them are under $200!

But don’t think they are any less worthy than a higher priced elliptical. Yes I admit you’ll get a few less features compared to a $700 elliptical machine, but when the budget is short, these cheap elliptical machines are definitely worth the investment.

What is the best elliptical machine under $200?

Though there we have reviewed 8 elliptical machines that are under $200, not all are same. Each of them brings different sets of features, pros and cons to the table. So, which one is the best for you depends on your particular requirement, environment, and goal.

However, in general, if you ask me what is the best elliptical machine under $200, chances are high that I’ll recommend the Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine. This elliptical machine brings a wonderful harmony between price and feature. You get almost everything you need for a basic workout at a very cheap price tag.

8 Best Elliptical Machine Under $200: Comparison Table

Product nameStride lengthWeightResistance SystemMaximum User WeightBest Features Of Each Product
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine45 inch64 lbsNone220 lbsFull body workout options

Saves space+ Foldable

Have adjustable abdomen cushion
Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Exercise BikeUnder 16 inch64 lbsComputerized220 lbsSaves space

Sturdy + Comfortable

Full body workout options
Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical7 ½ inch24 lbsComputerizedN/ATextured pedals for security

Can be used sitting or standing

Compactable and quiet
FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical TrainerNot mentioned31 lbsMagneticN/APedal rotation height is low+ comfortable pedals

Quiet movement
Foot shifting

Has wheel lock

Can be used under a table
GYMAX Air Fan Bike, 2 in 1 Elliptical Fan TrainerNot mentionedNot mentionedAir250 lbs    Compactable size

Sturdy and comfortable

Has sport saddles for a safe ride

Adjustable seating
Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike13 inch66 lbsComputerized250 lbsTwo exercise mode

Easily moveable

Comfortable and safe

Seats can be adjusted
Goplus 2 in 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine25/26 inch69 lbsComputerized250 lbsReliable and comfortable

Added exercise bike features

Adjustable seating
Sunny Health & Fitness P8300 Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer11 inch24.95 KilogramsMagnetic220 lbsAerobic training + Full-body workout


Added safety, slip, and rust-resistant

Top 08 Best Elliptical Under $200 Reviews

1.Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine

If you want to buy an Elliptical machine for 200 dollars and to exercise the whole body, then select this machine. Exercise to maintain body structure through adequate calorie burned.

The whole body can be exercised through this machine. If there is a back pain, it can be stopped by exercising and the body muscles will be made by exercising with the machine.

Buy this machine and exercise in the domestic environment. This is an ideal low impact, high cardio, cross training machine. All the organs of the body increase the muscle strength.

It is a suitable machine for hand muscles, leg muscles, and belly exercises. In one word, a full package for all body exercises. By using this machine you save your time as well as save the place of your home.

You can do the exercises by sitting on the machine in very small space. The paddle is 13.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. This machine’s permanent tension knob allows for any variable workout to the resistance level.

Which is best for beginners and experts. It is an Ideal machine for progressive development that can be used by more than one user in the family. Check the heart rate through the sensor and verify all the information about your exercise in the display.

Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Exercise Bike Cardio Fitness Home Gym Equipment

Our Favorite Features:

  • See all the information about your exercise. Time, distance, speed, calories, workout etc.
  • Ideal elliptical machines for exercise in the family.
  • The best machines for all body exercises.
  • Make hands and leg muscles and exercise to remove back pain.
  • Best machines for beginners and experts.
  • Low-impact and high-cardio exercise machines.
  • More people can do exercise
  • Lower body exercises.
  • Large footpaths.
  • Fitting the feet is more convenient.
  • angle-double-rightNo Computer features.

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2.Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902

A small machine, if you want you can wake up the machine by the hand. Despite being a small and low price machine, it is a best elliptical trainer.

The most interesting thing is, this is the best elliptical machine selected by Amazon. Do the exercises that you doing by walking outside and do the same exercise through this machine.

It has the highest 220-pound weight carrying capacity. Start exercising slowly through non-slip pedals and gradually start exercising at a certain speed. Start exercising at a fast speed. Maintain body obesity so that get your ab muscles stability and patience.

Completely prepare all the muscles of the body by exercising on this machine. Remove the blurring effects of the body and increase the body speed. The faster as you can exercise, your body will be better.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine Glider w/ LCD Monitor

Our Favorite Features:

  • High weight carrying machines.
  • Digital monitoring system.
  • Can be placed in small places.
  • Non-slip footpad.
  • 30 Inches Stride Length.
  • Save room space
  • Easy-to-carry
  • Quite good for training.
  • Best for strengthening
  • angle-double-rightBody is not too strong.

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3.Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

This machine is such kind of machine that you can exercise into sitting anywhere. It has been made to do exercise by sitting the chair and kept it under the table. In a word, that is called the under-desk elliptical machine.

Suppose you are sitting on the table and read the books or doing the official task. Your leg is under the table.

You will continue to exercise this machine under the table. You can sit at home and exercise in any situation. You also have to exercise while eating meals.

Amazon choice it as the best product. So undoubtedly it’s a best elliptical trainer. Amazon has about 4000 reviews for this product. And in the 5 stars, it’s got 4 stars.

This product is less expensive than 100 USD. If you want, you can choose your favorite color machine from three colors. On this machine, you can exercise in front and back.

You can take this machine in the office along with you and exercise at the same time of the official task.

Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer

Our Favorite Features:

  • Easily transferable machine.
  • It’s a very cheap price trainer.
  • Exercise can be done either in both standing and sitting.
  • Exercise for front and back.
  • There are three different color machines.
  • It can be set in small places. 
  • Machine worth less than 100$.
  • You can do other things while exercising.
  • Can be carrying all the time.
  • angle-double-rightThere is no workout.

4. FitDesk unde​​​​r Desk Elliptical

This fitdesk under-desk elliptical machine is exactly like the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer model. To put both under the desk to do exercise.

Since there is no difference between these two models, so first of all, follow the top trainer’s review.

Use this machine in any case. Use this machine at business, college or office and at home during working hours. This machine will continue to be very beautiful and whispered.

You just heard a gentle sound. And you can see how long you have been working through the time tracker.

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Our Favorite Features:

  • Large two pedals.
  • High-quality flywheel.
  • Lower and high pedal.
  • Use at any time.
  • You can move with hand.
  • Very light machine.
  • Smooth Design.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Non-slip pedal.
  • Operation in calm levels.
  • angle-double-rightDo not see the exercising data.

5. Gymax 2 IN 1 Elliptical  Bike

The Elliptical trainer is brand new. It is a new trainer, but you can exercise your body keeping fitness. It is designed in such a way that anyone can exercise on this machine into sitting upon.

The seat of this machine can be increased any height and can be reduced again.

As a result, people of all ages can be exercised. So you increase or decrease the seat according to your body height. This machine frame is extremely strong and sturdy. And it’s designed in such a way that it cannot rust in this frame.

You can see the amount of calories you are consuming while exercising in your machine’s display.

Also, while exercising, you can see speed, distance and so on. The exercise of pedal growing is less difficult and the wheel rotates very smoothly. In a word, it is an ideal machine for home use.

Gymax 2 IN 1 Elliptical Fan Trainer Exercise Bike Indoor Home Cycling Fan Bike Exercise Machine (With Central Handlebar)

Our Favorite Features:

  • This machine is more suitable to do sitting exercise.
  • More than one user can exercise with this elliptical.
  • Relatively comfortable machine.
  • Anti-rust frame.
  • Increase the height of the seat and reduce it.
  • Big Pedal.
  • Exercise sitting in the house due to small size.
  • Flywheel moves very smoothly.
  • An ideal Elliptical features for training.
  • You can also use this machine at the office.
  • angle-double-rightYou cannot exercise a lot together.

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6.Body Rider Elliptical

This is an elliptical Trainer and exercise bike. More than one trainer can exercise comfortably of this machine. High-speed flywheels can be run very easily.

It can be rotated very smoothly. As a result, your work will be reduced and fewer calories will cost. Amazon has so far received 700+ reviews for this machine. For such a low price of the product, such a review is not usually seen.

With the help of the electric display, you can verify all the information about your exercise.

You can see all the information about how much time to exercise, how many calories are burning, how much distance has passed, and how much speed you can complete in this exercising session.

If the user weighs 250 pounds, then this machine will be able to carry it comfortably.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat and Easy Computer / Dual Trainer 2 in 1 Cardio Home Office Fitness Workout Machine BRD2000

Our Favorite Features:

  • Can be used by two users.
  • Can be exercised into sitting.
  • Vertical and horizontal increase and a decrease in the sitting seats as your wish.
  • Can carry the weight of 250 pounds.
  • Cardio can be exercised.
  • Computer features can be used.
  • This machine can be used individually and officially.
  • Comfortable paddle.
  • To carry more weight.
  • Remove the back pain.
  • angle-double-right small display.

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7. GoPlus 2 IN 1 Elliptical  Trainer Machine

This is the best elliptical trainer for professionals. And also one of the best trainers for indoor cycling. Use this machine to keep yourself fit and healthy.

It will cost you a lot fewer calories in your body and the exercise which is necessary for your body can be confirmed. Although low-cost machines, it is very durable.

There is a small LCD screen for this machine and sensor for heart rate control. Through this display, you will be able to see all the information about your exercise.

You can see heart rate, calories burned, time, distance, speed, scan etc. Your heart rate will be determined by the grip and accordingly, you have to put more emphasis on your workout.

Although, the price is only 200$, but the power of this machine is quite good and it is quite comfortable to run it. Just like bicycle system. Its flywheel is just looking like the bicycle.

Your back pain will end by exercising with this machine. The exercise can be done in the upper and lower part of the body. And also can be cardio exercised. It’s designed in such a way that it will have gentle and less impact on the body while running it.

Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine Exercise Upgraded Model

Our Favorite Features:

  • The best trainer for indoor use.
  • Can be used at home and office anywhere.
  • All exercise information of body will be seen.
  • The required level of calorie is burned.
  • Cardio can be exercised.
  • Exercise into sitting and increase the height of the seat and reduce it.
  • All the data can be seen through the display.
  • Exercise as well as official work.
  • Exercise in a very fast condition.
  • angle-double-rightNo User Profiles.

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​8.Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

This machine can be said the best machine among the machines that are under 200$. Please choose this Sunny Health and Fitness Pink machine to keep your health vigorous and body fitness.

You can see the time with a small display. Besides, you can find the distance, speed, calories, and also total distances.

This machine will have more flexibility to run because of the paddle’s radius. One of the most attractive features of this machine is a pink color machine.

There is no way to avoid this machine. Many of which are very much liked. So this machine is the best machine for buying. Besides, it is a cheap elliptical machine and the best elliptical machines for home use.

Sunny Health & Fitness P8300 Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical, Pink

Our Favorite Features:

  • Magnetic power resistance.
  • Resistance levels 8.
  • The upper and lower part of the body can be exercised.
  • Power to carry 220-pounds.
  • Approximate auto soft machine.
  • Digital display.
  • it is set in a small place.
  • To carry weight is more.
  • angle-double-rightNo workout features.

How To Choose The Best Elliptical Machine Under $200?

Buying an Elliptical machine can be a bit confusing and requires a lot of your time for in-depth research. Elliptical machines come in various designs and features. The specifications may differ depending on the price and type. So you may get confused while looking at the prices, specifications, review articles, or watching videos on YouTube.

Let us help you to find the best Elliptical machine that will suit your preferences and your budget.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Elliptical Machine?

Here is a list of the key components to consider before buying an Elliptical machine.

  • The amount of money you are willing to spend.
  • The space is available in your home.
  • Your preferred style and design.
  • Key Features.
  • Special and Bonus Features.
  • Giving it a trial before buying.

It All Depends On Your Budget

Price is the first and most important thing to look at before buying an Elliptical machine. Depending on the size, features, and condition, Elliptical machines cost from $100 to $5000.

 You can choose to buy a used one, which will provide you with more features at a lower price. You may buy one from your local discount store. They will be fairly inexpensive but a gamble when it comes to quality.

It also depends on the kind of exercise you’re going to do and your physique. If you are someone who does HIIT exercises and has a bigger physique, you have to choose a sturdier, stronger, and more expensive Elliptical machine. But if you are a weekly runner and have a smaller physique, go for a cheaper one.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Different sizes of Elliptical machines are available on the market. The length is about four to seven feet. So you need a decent free space in your room to fit an Elliptical machine. Besides, you need some free room for the pedals.

You should at least have 2 feet of space around the machine. While placing it in the basement, make sure you don’t hit your head on the roof. So, take a measurement of your workout space and choose an Elliptical machine according to it.

Preferable Style & Design

There are three different types of Elliptical machines available.

  1. Center-Driven: Center-driven Elliptical machines are quite similar to treadmills where you’ll find pedals in place of the track.
  2. Front-Driven: These Elliptical machines are a bit cheaper because they have basic designs and can be pretty noisy.
  3. Rear-Driven: These are the longest Elliptical machines. A small wheel housing is placed behind the pedals. The pedals are placed on a track and roller and it allows the rider to incline. These offer smooth workouts.

Choose which type of design suits your preferences most and makes your workout comfortable.

Key Features To Look For In An Elliptical Machine

Your preferred Elliptical machine must have the following features:       

  • Adjustable Ramps: Some machines have manual ramps while the rest are automatic.
  • Adjustable Resistance: This is a must-have feature for Elliptical machines.This allows you to take your exercises to the next level and make them more intense. This also helps you to gain further strength and endurance.
  • Smooth Pedals: The pedal motion should be smooth and should fit your feet well. Jerky pedals ruin your movement.
  • Stride Length: The stride of your Elliptical machine should be around 21 inches.
  • Upper Body Comfort And Quiet Factor: Your Elliptical machine should not make any noise and make the ride comfortable for the upper part of your body.   

Give It A Trial

This is the key component. The most expensive Elliptical machines can be uncomfortable for you, while the cheapest ones may make you feel at home. So make sure you’re giving it a test ride before buying it.

What Is The Best Cheap Elliptical Machine?

The Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine is our pick. It is a compact Elliptical machine under $200 that offers you some great features and amazing smoothness. It has over thirteen hundred ratings on Amazon. 653 global buyers rated it a 5 on Amazon.

What Is A Good Price For A Used Elliptical Machine?

Sometimes, buying a used Elliptical machine can be a great deal. If it’s functioning properly never hesitate to go for one. It’ll save a decent amount of money. You can find used Elliptical machines on Amazon, eBay, or other e-commerce sites. You can also search for used Elliptical machines near you.

The price depends on the brand, product, and condition. It can be as low as $80 or a High end used Elliptical machine can be bought for under $1500-$1600. But the ideal price should be around $150-$200.

What Is The Cheapest Price For An Elliptical Machine?

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 is the cheapest Elliptical machine featured on our list. It costs less than $100 on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy Cheap Elliptical Machine?

Elliptical machines are available in almost every shop that sells fitness products. Besides, if you’re looking to buy an Elliptical machine online, Amazon is the place. You can also buy Elliptical machines from the website of your preferred brand.

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Elliptical Machine Benefits

  • Exercise on this machine will make your body fit from the upper part to the bottom.
  • The body will have the right calorie costs.
  • There will be no respiratory problems.
  • If there will have back pain on the back, it will be removed.
  • Muscles of hands and feet will be made.
  • Increases the body’s aerobic structure.

Final Verdict

So, this is my detailed review on the best elliptical machine under $200. I hope you found the review as well as the buying guide helpful. Before leaving, I want to give you some pointers:

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