Sole e95 vs e95s – Elliptical Reviews & Comparison

If you’re looking for affordable and compact elliptical trainer machines, then the latest Sole can be your go-to brand, and both Sole 95 and Sole 95s elliptical machines will attract your attention.  However, both having many common and irresistible features, your inner self will swing with a debate – “Sole 95 vs 95s, which elliptical is the best?”.  We’re here to get your answer with the hardest comparison, as both of the products are almost the same.  Yet, both of the machines can be the best choice for comfortable motion and high-quality construction at affordable prices.

There are a lot of elliptical machines available and finding the best one among them is difficult.

The E95 Sole Elliptical trainer is one of the winners among the elliptical machines, same is true for Sole E95s. I will show you all the essential key points to consider the Sole e95 and Sole e95s ellipticals.

This elliptical review intends to disclose the necessary factors about E95 and explain the reasons to choose it.

Common Features of Sole E95 and Sole 95s Elliptical Machines

Let’s go through the features-

Stride Length

In my point of view, the stride length is the most important thing to consider an elliptical machine. Because how comfortable the workouts will depend on the stride length.

If you don’t feel comfortable using the elliptical, will you use that? Certainly not.

When you comfortably can stretch out, you will get a better workout. If the stride is too short, it’s likely to give you the feeling of marching in place. I haven’t any idea about you, but surely I wouldn’t choose a sole machine to march in place.

Your height determines whether the stride length is big or not. But this new elliptical has 20 inches to 22-inch stride. So, most people can use it comfortably.


This fitness machine comes with a solid steel frame that ensures its stability. It can support up to 400 Ibs user weight.

This high weight capacity ensures that the elliptical is solid enough.


There are various flywheels. Many high expensive elliptical offer flywheels in less than 20 Ib range, while the E95 brings 27 Ib flywheels. These heavy flywheels will give you a smoother workout and increase the overall resistance of the machine.

This sole machine includes 20 magnetic resistance levels that will enable you to control the heavy flywheel easily. You will get 20 power incline levels that will give you so intensive workout.

Adjustable Console

This machine comes with a modern and perfect screen. I like this screen because it’s the largest and best display of the brand. You will feel comfortable with this display, as an easily readable blue text is set against a white background.

This sole elliptical will ensure you a perfect view also with its adjustable angles.

Workout Programs

This sole doesn’t include any unnecessary workout programs. It has 10 programs only – 6 standard, 2 custom, and 2 heart rate programs.


Another good thing to consider this sole is its handlebars.

They are both mobile and fixed. Though the handlebars are un-adjustable, padded with rubber foam that will support you to prevent slip and give you a comfortable workout. Besides, the multi-grip design of these handlebars ensures your comfort.


The elliptical has 15-inch pedals that can accommodate users of different shapes and sizes.

Incline system:

The sole has an automatic incline mechanism. Adjusting the incline, you can give more pressure on any muscle muscles and get a focused workout.

Bluetooth speakers

I like listening to music during the workout. If you also like this, then good news for you, this sole elliptical has Bluetooth speakers. You can easily sync up with your mobile phone and enjoy your favorite workout tunes or music wire-free.

Fitness tracking

You can use Bluetooth for fitness tracking. You can use the free sole app or any other fitness apps which are compatible with this elliptical machine.

USB charging port

During the workout, you needn’t worry about draining your battery from listening to music or watching any video, because this elliptical machine has a USB charging port.

Tablet holder

The sole fitness brand added a tablet holder option. You can use your tablet without blocking the view of your stats.

Heart rate monitor

The elliptical includes a heart rate monitor. If you want, you can add any chest strap heart rate monitor compatible with this machine.

Cooling fan

You perhaps will like its cooling fan. When you are in your workout, this cooling fan will support you to continue your workout more comfortable.


It isn’t very difficult to put this elliptical together, but I think it isn’t either too easy.

The company issues the assembly manual while buying this sole. In this manual you can find all steps with images, that’s helpful for a new user.

To be honest, I think that the hardware images and the assembly images should be on the same page.

This is a heavy machine. So, before assembly, you need some help to get the box to the right place at your home.

You need to spend a few hours on assembly. If you face a problem, it would better to make this job done by an expert.


This machine needs a little maintenance. Though the drive system of this elliptical doesn’t need any maintenance, the joints require to re-tighten and lubricant.

It’s important to clean the rails before using them. Similarly, after using it needs to clean.


To me, the warranty that is offering E95 is excellent. They offer a lifetime on the frame, 5 years on the parts and 2 years on labor. This is overall a great warranties in this price range.




It has

20″ to 22″ adjustable stride.

Heavy flywheel.

10 essential workout programs

10.1″ graphic screen.

Option to use a mobile device as a workout display.

Heart rate control monitor.

Wireless pulse compatible.

Touch pulse sensors

Moving armbars.

Tablet holder option.

Bluetooth speakers.

USB charging port.

Water-bottle holder and cooling fan.

Excellent warranty and great customer service.


This isn’t perfect for people with short strides.

Unable to download new workouts.

It isn’t compact.


Final Thoughts

Before buying an elliptical, you should check every important thing to consider, to choose the best one for you.

However, at the very last part of this elliptical review, I would like to say that the Sole E95 is a great elliptical machine in this price range. I’m satisfied with its stride length, flywheel, and almost all other features.

This is such an addition to the sole fitness, you may go for it, hopefully, it won’t disappoint you.

Robert G. Morgan

Robert is a professional cardio trainer.He has been elliptical trainer for last 5 years. He loves using elliptical machine for exercise.Based on his experience of elliptical trainer,he is sharing his opinion about different types of elliptical machine.

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