Sit N Cycle Reviews

Let’s start the Sit N Cycle Reviews with the history of how it came.

Have you heard about skater Dorothy Hamil? Man, wasn’t she headlines back then? She achieved all in her lifetime, from winning gold for ice skating in the Olympic and being a first female athlete to be featured on the Ice Capades. Her iconic hairstyle was one of the reasons that drove her popularity among the youths back in mid-seventies to eighties. But those who were young that time grew up watching her has now gone through their middle age. Like most of the adults in their middle age, they lack any time to take care of their body. Olympic winner Dorothy Hamill knows this too, and this is why she had decided to bring an exercise bike for those who have a tight schedule to fit in. But is that exercise bike any good? Let’s find out with our sit n cycle reviews!

Sit N Cycle is an effective fitness bike.

What is Sit n cycle?

The sit n cycle is a stationary bike, or some may know them by the name of exercise. But the unique selling point of this sit n cycle exercise bike is that they coms without handles. This makes them among one of the few rarely designed stationary bikes in the market right now. It is designed as mentioned already, a gym cycling but without the hands. Sit n cycle is built with pedal and seat only so it’s not as heavy as the other traditional models of exercise bikes. There have been two models have realized so far, and the user’s opinion about it is somewhat divided. But still, it reviews has a more into positive favor among the users across most the online.

First impression

Many of you might have got your first impression of this sit n cycle on television advertisement featuring Dorothy Hamill. But if you still haven’t seen it yet, the design is nicely done with a complementary color with white as its primary color. About the design, this may look like a strange office chair. But this is what it meant to be, so you can complete your daily exercise while you read, watch TV or other seated activities.

Who is it for?

Dorothy Hamill herself is a former athlete, so she understands the necessity of training regardless of busy or hectic your lifestyle may be. As it made to let you exercise while others seated or doing some other activities, this makes it quite perfect home exercise tool for those who don’t want to go out for exercising. It is excellent excercise bike to have at home whenever you would have to skip the gym or outdoor cardio sessions. Also, it is quite a good investment for the seniors as it burns a decent amount of calory in a short time. Other than that, the price of it considerably lower when compared to other indoor exercise bikes.

Sit n cycle features.

Great design

It is able to take 300 pounds of human weight load, but in reality, it can take away more than that. As it is not quite much large, it can be effortless to carry and store into a different place other than your bedroom. The pedals are engineered so you can pedal it in both directions if you want to.

Provides good workout at home

It has promised to more than 500 calories burn after one hour of usage. But even if it does burn half of it, then it’s still a good purchase for those who can’t go out. Prolonged usage of this sit n cycle improves the muscularity and the toning of the lower body. Also, It comes with a decent resistance of 8 different levels. It may seem a little less. But considering that it’s mainly intended to be used by veterans and senior adults so it’s just enough.


If you have done your research, you might already notice that other exercise bikes cost nearly as double like this one. It might not have all the functionality like preloaded workout or synch with your mobile. But it gets the job done for someone who doesn’t have time to work out. Also, older adults can be benefitted from it. Also, the sit n cycle authority manufacturer gives you a 30 day trial for $19.55. Then there is an option to buy it permanently with six installments of 39.99. If you don’t want to keep the sit n cycle at the end of 30-days trial, you have to return it with the original packaging they provided. Also, and you have to bear the shipment cost.

Two models different models to choose

There are two different, yet almost similar models of Sit n cycle are available right now. The first model had a bit many difficulties while using. This is what caused the most displeased user reviews, which caused the sit n cycle almost to lose its position and brand value at the market. But the manufacturers have taken the right steps to modify it. They have fixed all the things the most users were not happy about, and the second model has more of a positive reputation than the previous models.


  • It is designed as a multitasking stationary bike, and the users can do all their necessary activities while exercising on it.
  • It puts less on the joints and knees when you are doing your workout with it.
  • As most of the stationary bikes are notorious for the noise they produce, the sit and cycle machine is as noiseless as it gets
  • It provides an excellent workout for the Lower part of the body.


  • Assembling it can be a bit more complicated than you would expect it to be
  • Many have complained about the pedals is a bit brittle.
  • After the end of the trial period, you have to pay for the return shipment if you don’t want to keep it.

Should you buy the Sit N Cycle Exercise Bike?

More exercise bikes are available at the market that is made for particularly for seated exercise. If you want higher quality, then it would cost you well over $600 to even a grand or $1000. We had put this product a test of this product. Most of the people don’t want to spend that much into a single equipment. That is where Sit N Cycle Exercise Bike can prove to be a very useful option to chose. Yes, there might be a few negative reviews out there about it, but we have tried it ourself, and the results were quite good. At first, getting on and off can seem a bit hard to do, but we hadn’t faced any pedal failure or breaking issues. The workout provided by it isn’t so extreme, but it’s a very convenient way to exercise indoors and doesn’t break your banks either!

Final Words

The sit n cycle was first released in the market in January 2013, and it has started to generate enough buzz around it as it was a handle-less exercise bike. Besides, it was being promoted by the Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill since the beginning and she still appears in the television advertisement as well. But it has gone through a bit of skepticism as the first model wasn’t that much well received. However, they have seemed to recover from it with the second model. So if you ask me whether I would spend my money on buying it, I would go for it over other stationary bikes anytime!

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