Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

It is not just possible to hit the gym every day because of hecticness in life and other things. But you can still get it done right at your home if you get yourself an exercise bike. The Marcy Emmy 709 is one of the finest examples of what an exercise bike can let you achieve. It has a compact design with adjustable levels of resistance, a durable frame, and an informative LCD. But most importantly, it is designed for working out quite comfortably. All of that can help you greatly to achieve your fitness goals. So if you are looking for an in-depth Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance ME-709 review, we got you covered right here.

First impression

Marcy ME 709 is a resistance exercise bike that provides the comfort of working out right at your home. You can shape and tone your body while improving your stamina and cardiovascular endurance. It is designed with a two-tone painted finish. Other than that, it has a powder coat finish on the frame.  ME-709 comes with so many advanced features that are typically found on more expensive recumbent exercise bikes. The seating position is designed to keep you comfortable throughout your workout. This budget recumbent exercise bike will help you greatly to stay consistent with your workout.

Features and benefits

You can track your progress

Look, working out is as much as mental as it is physical. I don’t know about others. But I like to see things like how much time I have spent or how much calories I have burnt. Keeping track of these things can boost your stamina and set the mindset for even more work. As the ME-709 with an excellent display, so you can view the time elapsed, the distance covered. You can track the calories burned as well as the current speed for each session. It reads current trip distance speed and calories burned as well. But best of all, you can lock it down on any of these readings, or you can have it scan all of them every four seconds.

Adjustable resistance level

One of the things about using ME 709 is the opportunity to adjust resistance levels based on your fitness goals. Users of this excellent exercise bike can choose from 8 preset levels of resistance. It ensures each individual can choose a resistance level that is best suited his or her requirements. For example, if you’re recovering from a knee injury, you can select a lower level of resistance. You can gradually increase the level of resistance as you gain more muscular strength. It will help you to increase your overall strength as well.

Can be used for interval training

HIIT or high-intensity interval training, as the name suggests, refers to a higher intensity work out discipline. It is different than your regular cardio or weight lifting. It is done with alternating bursts of intense and moderate activity. HIIT results in increased caloric expenditure. The Marcy ME- 709 is a great exercise bike to do HIIT workout at the comfort of your home and meltdown that persistent belly fat. As it has got different levels of resistance, you can use them to increase your lower body strength as well. So Me 709 is excellent for increasing muscular strength, toning the lower body, and doing HIIT as well.

Easy to step on and off

The Marcy ME- 709 has a step-through frame, which makes it easy to step on and off this recumbent bike. It is quite well built and designed in a way so that even an older adult can easily hop on and off.

Comfortable paddling

These are counterbalanced and made for comfortable pedaling. So when coupled with adjustment straps means that users can spend hours just enjoying the activity. The pedals can be rotated in any direction, both forwards or backward. Marcy ME-709 also allows for appropriate adjustments depending on the height of each user’s. That means you can adjust the distance between the pedals and the seat for more comfort.

Quick tip on using the ME-709

Take some breaks

Just because you can work out for hours with the Marcy ME-709 bike, that doesn’t mean you should. So do get off the recumbent bike for two minutes after every 30 minutes of pedaling. It will give your muscles a break in speaking of pedals. Because if you go on and use it for prolonged hours, it might end up causing you more harm than good.

Use a pillow

If you suffer from back pain and can not sit long without support, you can Stash a small pillow on the seat and backrest. It will increase your level of comfort.

Do not overload it

The user should keep its 300-pound weight capacity limit in mind. Because exceeding the said limit can drastically affect the bike’s overall performance in the long term period.

What is the most comfortable seating position for ME-709?

As soon as you’re seated, be sure to place your feet on the pedals firmly. Now spin the cranks and then adjust the resistance as necessary. You should also be aware of your leg and knee extensions so that your knees should be slightly bent when your leg is on the backside of the crank. This is a safe and most effective position for your joints. You can adjust the seat by sliding it forward and backward until you’ve attained the optimum position.

Final Words

Other than letting you finish your workout right at your home, exercise bikes also makes a much lower impact on the joints. But some people still may have doubts about the effectiveness of an exercise bike. But that doesn’t necessarily make them any less effective. Exercise bikes are rather known for their ability to increase stamina and improve cardiovascular performance. If you have been looking to buy one, do check this Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance ME-709 review. You may find it that Marcy ME-709 has got everything you need to get the workouts done at home.

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