Best Practices on How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

An elliptical machine is a powerful exercise machine. It has great potential to enable the user to lose a lot of fats. It is stationary and may simulate running, walking or even climbing stairs. The significant advantage of this excellent machine is it does not cause immoderate pressure to various body parts such as joints and therefore, decreasing the risk of injury. This translates that people with some injuries can use the elliptical trainer to stay fit.

As a user, you must appreciate the benefits of this machine. It offers a workout for the whole body. Thus, it tones various muscles in your arms, buttocks, legs, and thighs. At the same time, it burns a lot of calories and allows you to lose weight. Moreover, the elliptical machine is excellent in offering a non-impact cardiovascular workout. This workout varies depending on the speed of the exercise. It is vital to learn how to use elliptical machine for weight loss. In this way, you can tap the benefits without wasting time or injuring yourself.

How to lose weight

1.Positioning yourself on the elliptical trainer

The first thing is to ensure that your back is straight. Always look at the front. Moreover, keep your shoulders high and do not shrink. This is necessary to avoid neck pain.

Do not tighten your hands on the handles. Ensure that your hands are on the heart sensors. This way you can monitor your heart rate. It’s also imperative that you should not place your hands too low, as the low placement of your hands will make you bend your back, which in turn may lead to a backache.

Using the movable handlebars, tones the arms and the upper body. These handles are usually located on the outer part of the machine. On the other hand, holding the immovable handlebars at the center works the muscles of the legs and the buttocks.

Always ensure that your feet are flat on the paddles. Use your heels to push the paddles downwards. This is important because it reduces strain on the front of the ankle and reduces the chances of occurrence of injuries. When the paddle raises, raise your heel. Ensure that the movement of the feet is fluid.

The legs must go forward then descend, then go backwards by going up slightly. Repeat the cycle. Note that, this movement is not a linear front to back movement but rather an elliptical movement, i.e. a movement in the form of a flattened circle. These movements seem complicated, but once you get used to them, they flow naturally.

2.Benefits of using elliptical machine

For the best results, it is important to know how to use elliptical machine for lose weight. Regular sessions of exercises are important for a long-term weight loss. Regular cardiovascular sessions on the machines burn the calories and improve your health; A high intensity work out can burn up to 825 calories in a person weighing 160 pounds. The recommendations of WHO is at least 1 hour 15 minutes intense sport per week.

Note that the elliptical works out the whole body, i.e., back muscles, arms, abdomen, legs, and the thighs. Muscles strength develops during the high resistance exercises. Endurance, on the other hand, is achieved when you train at low resistance but for a very long period.

When you paddle, you work the lower muscles continuously, i.e., buttocks, hamstring, quadriceps and the calves. When you push the handles, you work the muscles of the upper body. These muscles include the biceps and the back muscles. The abdominal and the pecs are essential in keeping the balance. On the other hand, when you pull the handles, you work the triceps and the pectorals.

If your target is the buttocks and the thigh muscles, place your hands on the non-moving bars at the center, increase resistance in your training.

Peddling backwards (reverse) also works the buttocks and thigh muscles, and at the same time toning the abdominal. Paddling backwards without holding the handlebars, tones your abs and back muscles. 

Exercise to lose weight

Exercise recommendations for weight loss

•Step 1
For significant weight loss, perform the elliptical exercises at least six days a week. With such consistency, you are guaranteed a significant weight loss of up to 20 pounds or even more. Experts recommend a daily exercise program for outstanding results.

•Step 2
When new to the exercise, start at low intensity. Gradually increase the intensity with time. It’s advisable to workout at a moderate to high intensity during each elliptical workout session. The higher the intensity, the higher the heart rate and the higher the calories burnt.

•Step 3
Time spent on the elliptical machine is very critical in determining the number of calories burnt. Beginners are advised to spend at least ten minutes per session on the machine while the rest should be spent between 40-60 minutes continuously on the elliptical trainer. This has the benefits of burning calories and increasing endurance.

Elliptical for weight loss

•Step 4
Doing the same exercise daily accustoms your body. It essential that the workouts you do be varied regarding pace and resistance. It is, therefore, crucial to try different programs.

•Step 5
For the duration of your workouts incorporate high-intensity interval training. The alternating high intensity and moderate intensity for the period you are working out. It should go something like this; have a ten minutes warm-up at a moderate pace followed by increased resistance to very high intensity for between 30 to 90 seconds. Bring back to an average level for about 2 minutes. This is an efficient way to use elliptical machine for weight loss.

Do not strain beyond your limits. Stop exercising soon as you feel pain, nausea, lightheartedness or dizziness.
Avoid doing the same workout all the time on an elliptical.

Your power input correlates to the calories you burn. Start slowly and build resistance gradually. Increase the frequency, intensity, and duration. Aim at losing at least 2 pounds a week. Also, add some other form of cardiovascular exercises in your workout plan. This is helpful in preventing weight loss plateau. Two-day resistance training per week accelerates the weight loss plan. Also, eat a balanced diet.

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