13 Incredible Health Benefits Of Weightlifting

The health benefits of weightlifting are tremendous, and when you do them regularly you can experience awesome positive changes within a few weeks.

Health Benefits Of Weightlifting

1.Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
Weight lifting strengthens bones. It Increases bone density, and this reduces the risk of fracture and bone breakage. Research indicates that noticeable health benefits of weight lifting are increased spinal density and strong and healthy bones. Similarly, lifting of weights can prevent loss of bones, in turn reducing the risk of osteoporosis and possible fracture of bones.

2.Boost metabolism
Metabolism is the process by which the converts food into energy. This process is sped up by exercising. Weightlifting is one exercise that speeds up oxidation of food into energy. The body's energy requirements are consistent. Even at rest, the body requires energy for all its functions such as breathing, circulation and adjusting hormones among others. This is called the basal metabolic rate.
Apart from the basal metabolic rate, other factors determining the number of calories the body burns include;
•Thermogenesis (food processing) - this includes the process of digestion, absorb, transporting and storing food consumed. These processes use about 10% of calories.
•Physical activities and exercise- both light and heavy exercises boost metabolism. Physical activity and exercise determine the number of calories you lose per day. Weight lifting builds muscles by increasing the rate of oxidation of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

3.Lose of body fats and burn more calories
Through regular exercise and strength training such as weight lifting muscle tissues burn more calories at a faster rate than fat tissues. Weightlifting raises metabolism. Fats are oxidized within the body, releasing energy and increasing muscle mass. The more intense the lifting, the more the calories are burnt. Additionally, this adds muscles to the frame of the body.

Health Benefits Of Weightlifting

4.Reduces the risk of injury
Weightlifting increases the strength of connective tissues as well as joints. Strong joints, tendons, and ligaments prevent dislocation at joints, prevent injury and can relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis. Also, strengthening muscles and connective tissues through weightlifting reduces chances of injury from day to day activities and can improve sports performance tremendously.

5.Improves posture, increases flexibility and reduces back pain
Poor body posture causes back and neck pain. This, in turn, affects other body processes such as digestion and breathing. Slouching, sitting in a fixed position for long and heavy lifting may cause back pain and consequently alter posture. This is likely to cause back and neck pain. Risk factors for back pain include age, lack of exercise and excess weight among others. Weightlifting strengthens the back, the shoulders, and the core, in turn correcting the overall body posture in the following ways;
•Strengthening the abs, firming the body structure and the back
•Increasing flexibility of the hip flexors, and calf muscles and strengthening joints. Hip flexibility aligns the pelvic bones with the upper leg to improve the back posture and flexibility.
Moreover, lifting weights exercises abdominal muscles and back muscles which strengthen the core as well as conditioning these muscles so that they work together. Generally, weightlifting helps you walk straight, keeping the head and back high.

6.Strengthening the abs, firming the body structure and the back
Increasing flexibility of the hip flexors, and calf muscles and strengthening joints. Hip flexibility aligns the pelvic bones with the upper leg to improve the back posture and flexibility. Moreover, lifting weights exercises abdominal muscles and back muscles which strengthen the core as well as conditioning these muscles so that they work together. Generally, weightlifting helps walk straight, keeping the head and back high.

Aging leads to loss of skeletal muscles and strength; a condition called sarcopenia. Loss of muscle is associated with loss of strength, flexibility, and agility among other disorders. Weak bones, stiff joints, and floppy posture sets in with aging. Research indicates that the loss of muscles increases significantly with age from about 0.5-1% per year after the age of 50 years. Among the numerous benefits of weightlifting, is reversing the loss of muscles thus reversing aging effects. These changes start at the cellular level and hormone balancing among others. Lifting the weights signals the body to fight and maintain muscles for healthier and younger look.

8.Increased testosterone
Testosterone are a hormone responsible for male secondary characteristics such as muscle mass, deep voice, and facial hair. Weightlifting increases testosterone production, packing of muscles and keeping the shape. Routing lifting of weights accompanied by the right diet increases the level of testosterone. Within two hours of exercise, testosterone is at its highest level. Testosterone give an attractive looking body.
Low testosterone levels have adverse effects such as stress, tiredness, depression irritability, weakness, and fatigue.

9.Improves concentration and focus
Lifting weights enhance discipline, handwork, routine, consistency and sacrifice. This, in turn, gives strength and endurance. With a daily routine, weight lifting changes a person's approach toward life, makes a person to be result oriented, eliminate tasks that distract you and exercise that do not do well to you as well as ostracizing negative people from life.

10.Enhances mood and reduce stress
Weightlifting releases endorphins. Endorphins are a group of neurotransmitters that improve mood, prevent pain as well as fighting depression. Naturally, endorphins reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate the mind, improving alertness and boosting energy.

 Benefits Of Weightlifting

Mental feelings or emotions are as a result of chemical reactions in the body. According to research, weight lifting improves anger, confusion, tension, and mood swings. More blood flows to the brain with nutrient and oxygen and other organs, balancing hormone level, increasing focus, happiness and energy levels.

11.Increases the level of self-confidence
Weightlifting tones your muscles, and thus giving an aesthetic look. This increases self-confidence.

12.Improves balance and reduces the risk of fall
Poor muscle tone, especially lower body muscles, makes you prone to falls. Weight training builds the strength of these muscles thus improving lower limb strength.

13.Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism
During lifting of weights, muscle contract and relax. The contraction of muscles increases the uptake of glucose into the skeletal muscles and their consequent breakdown. In the same manner in increases the sensitivity of insulin to glucose. The increased glucose can be an advantage to people type II diabetes. Exercise cannot treat the condition but may help them manage it.


Exercise, especially weightlifting is associated with healthy sleeping patterns, and also it lowers the risk of sleep apnea. In the frame of health benefits of weightlifting, the depression-linked sleep disorder can be reduced as much as 30%. In a study patterning older adults, researchers found that 38% of these seniors engaged in a six-month-long training program that involved weights experienced better sleep quality after starting the program.

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