Best Nordictrack Elliptical Reviews

Best Nordictrack Elliptical Reviews

NordicTrack is the manufacturer of exercise equipment such as treadmills, ski machines, elliptical, and exercise bikes. Founded in 1975, NordicTrack has gained huge fame for their valuable and effective products. After being acquired by ICON health and fitness, in the late nineties, NordicTrack prospered and became the largest exercise equipment manufacturers in the world.

NordicTrack is best known for its top-class treadmills and elliptical. They have utilized advanced technology in manufacturing elliptical, which makes the products the best exercise trainers for the buyers. They manufacture a large number of elliptical, which stands out in terms of value, features, and price.

Let us check some of the best NordicTrack elliptical types, and discuss their capabilities and features.

Types of NordicTrack Elliptical and Their Details

We can categorize the elliptical according to their drive location (size and ergonomics). Check in-depth about each of them and find how they can help you.

NordicTrack Elliptical

Rear Drive Elliptical

The Rear drive elliptical of NordicTrack is Space saver SE9i and SE7i. They are called space savers because they can be folded for storage. They are compact and can save a lot of space. They come with an 18-inch stride length and 18-pound flywheels.

These ellipticals are the best for beginners because they can maintain good posture while training. However, everyone can get the maximum benefits from this.

They come with some common features like:

  • Both are power inclined.
  • 24 workout programs.
  • iFit Live coaching.
  • Cooling fans, speakers, MP3 input, and folding storage included.
  • 325lb weight capacity.

These ellipticals also have some differences too. SE9i features a 7’’ smart HD touch screen with 24 different resistance levels and SE7i comes with 5’’ backlit display with 22 resistance level. They are best for those who are shorter in height as they have shorter strides.

If you ask me to choose one between these two space savers, then my choice will be SE9i for its advanced technology and features. But don’t think SE7i is not fully capable; it is also fine to help to maintain your workouts.

Front Drive Elliptical

The front-drive elliptical is different from rear drives, as they are more compact. Commercial 14.9, C 12.9, C 7.5, and C 9.5 are front-drive elliptical. They have longer strides ranging from 18-20 inches, which makes it easy for the users with different heights especially tall users. They run smoother and have more advanced exercise challenge levels.

Some of their features are:

  • 350 lb. weight limit.
  • 26 exercise programs in C 7.5 and 32+ programs in others.
  • iFit Live technology.
  • 26lb flywheel (C 7.5 and C 9.5) and 32lb flywheel (C 12.9 and commercial 14.9).
  • Warranty; lifetime on frame and 2+ years on parts.

Moreover, you get an advanced 7’’ HD display in C 9.5 and C 12.5 and 10’’ HD touch screen in commercial 14.9. These elliptical cannot be folded. Front-drive elliptical put less stress on your hips, as most of the time their pedals are closer together.

The C 12.9 also features power incline and decline. It can provide you with intense cardio exercise at 20 degrees, which is totally best for lower body workout and its amazing feature makes it one of the best NordicTrack elliptical on the market.

Center Drive Elliptical

There is another elliptical type that has many ideal features to offer, NordicTrack’s center drive elliptical. It is called a “Mid-Mech” commercial elliptical trainer. This trainer consumes less space than other ellipticals. They are compact, helps you to stay balanced.

ACT Commercial and ACT Commercial 10 are NordicTrack’s mid-tech elliptical. They support adjustable strides from 18’’ to 22’’. They are also very stable and features iFit Ready technology and 30+ workout programs.

ACT Commercial 10 comes with a 10’’ HD smart touch screen so that the users can browse their favorite website or view any other training program options. It also features 25 lb. flywheels and a 5-year warranty on parts and 2 years on labor. On the other hand, ACT Commercial comes with oversized gel pedals, cooling fan and 23 lb. flywheels for a natural and smoother feel.

FreeStride Elliptical

FreeStride trainers are the most popular NordicTrack elliptical. These ellipticals offer up to 32’’ stride length, iFit coach technology, and up to 38 workout programs. The FreeStride trainers consist of FS5i, FS7i, and FS9i. You can use them as traditional elliptical, stair stepper or treadmill.

These types of trainers are really popular in health clubs, and now they are available at home thanks to NordicTrack. You can get an intense workout targeting your lower body muscles by using these trainers. Some of their unique features are:

  • FS5i: It comes with a small 5’’ display screen, 16 lb. light flywheel, and 22 resistance programs. It does not have an incline feature.
  • FS7i: It has a power incline up to 10 percent, a 7’’ HD smart touch screen display for web browsing, and a 20 lb. flywheel.
  • FS9i: This has advanced features like a 10’’ HD touch screen for workout stats and web, 20 lb. flywheel like FS7i, and also a 10 percent power incline and decline.

These trainers are quite expensive than other models, as these trainers provide you with high-quality gym experience.

Why Choose NordicTrack Elliptical?

If you are wondering why to choose NordicTrack instead of other brands, then here are some of the reasons:

1. iFit Live Enabled

All NordicTrack ellipticals come with an iFit technology. All you need is a membership to enjoy unlimited workout programs, simulating outdoor workout exercises with Google map, live fitness class and provides meal recommendations.

2. HD Touch Screen Display

You can find 7’’-10’’ smart displays in almost all the top NordicTrack elliptical for web browsing. This allows you doing your job with ease and fun.

3. Versatile Designs

NordicTrack elliptical has different designs, some are small and some are bigger in size. Some are foldable (rear-drive elliptical) and some of them are not. The elliptical has stride length ranging from 18’’ to 38’’. The shorter stride is suitable for short users and the longer stride is for tall users.

4. Warranty

Almost all their elliptical have a lifetime warranty on frame, 5-years on parts and 2-years on labor so that you can shop with more confidence.

5. 3 in 1 Experience

NordicTrack’s FreeStride (FS5i, FS7i, FS9i) has 32’’ stride length which offers 3 workout experiences in 1: an elliptical, a stepper and a treadmill.

6. Power Incline and Decline

Most of the elliptical of NordicTrack features power incline but only two elliptical, FS9i and C 12.9 has adjustable incline and decline for an intense workout.

7. Other Features

NordicTrack elliptical come with different other features that make their equipment totally unique and their users comfortable. Some of the features are a speaker with MP3 input, cooling fans, adjustable foot pads (Commercial 14.9 and C 12.9), different resistance levels and workout programs.

Wrap Up

NordicTrack is one of the most leading manufacturing companies for home fitness equipment right now. They produce elliptical machines that are comfortable for the users. After reading the above NordicTrack elliptical reviews, you can choose the best NordicTrack elliptical according to your preference, body size, and height. They are also affordable and can satisfy your exercise needs. This brand is recommended by many health enthusiasts if you want a home trainer with amazing technology to burn your calories.

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