Best Nordictrack Elliptical Reviews

NordicTrack is the manufacturer of exercise equipment such as treadmills, ski machines, elliptical, and exercise bikes. Founded in 1975, NordicTrack has gained huge fame for their valuable and effective products. After being acquired by ICON health and fitness, in the late nineties, NordicTrack prospered and became the largest exercise equipment manufacturers in the world.

NordicTrack is best known for its top-class treadmills and elliptical. They have utilized advanced technology in manufacturing elliptical, which makes the products the best exercise trainers for the buyers. They manufacture a large number of elliptical, which stands out in terms of value, features, and price.

Let us check some of the best NordicTrack elliptical types, and discuss their capabilities and features.

Types of NordicTrack Elliptical and Their Details

We can categorize the elliptical according to their drive location (size and ergonomics). Check in-depth about each of them and find how they can help you.

Rear Drive Elliptical

The Rear drive elliptical of NordicTrack is Space saver SE9i and SE7i. They are called space savers because they can be folded for storage. They are compact and can save a lot of space. They come with an 18-inch stride length and 18-pound flywheels.

These ellipticals are the best for beginners because they can maintain good posture while training. However, everyone can get the maximum benefits from this.

They come with some common features like:

  • Both are power inclined.
  • 24 workout programs.
  • iFit Live coaching.
  • Cooling fans, speakers, MP3 input, and folding storage included.
  • 325lb weight capacity.

These ellipticals also have some differences too. SE9i features a 7’’ smart HD touch screen with 24 different resistance levels and SE7i comes with 5’’ backlit display with 22 resistance level. They are best for those who are shorter in height as they have shorter strides.

If you ask me to choose one between these two space savers, then my choice will be SE9i for its advanced technology and features. But don’t think SE7i is not fully capable; it is also fine to help to maintain your workouts.

Front Drive Elliptical

The front drive elliptical is different from rear drives, as they are more compact. Commercial 14.9, C 12.9, C 7.5 and C 9.5 are front-drive elliptical. They have longer strides ranging from 18-20 inches, which makes it easy for the users with different heights especially tall users. They run smoother and have more advanced exercise challenge levels.

Some of their features are:

  • 350 lb. weight limit.
  • 26 exercise programs in C 7.5 and 32+ programs in others.
  • iFit Live technology.
  • 26lb flywheel (C 7.5 and C 9.5) and 32lb flywheel (C 12.9 and commercial 14.9).
  • Warranty; lifetime on frame and 2+ years on parts.

Moreover, you get an advanced 7’’ HD display in C 9.5 and C 12.5 and 10’’ HD touch screen in commercial 14.9. These elliptical cannot be folded. Front-drive elliptical put less stress on your hips, as most of the time their pedals are closer together.

The C 12.9 also features power incline and decline. It can provide you with intense cardio exercise at 20 degrees, which is totally best for lower body workout and its amazing feature makes it one of the best NordicTrack elliptical on the market.

Center Drive Elliptical

There is another elliptical type has many ideal features to offer, NordicTrack’s center drive elliptical. It is called “Mid-Mech” commercial elliptical trainer. This trainer consumes less space than other ellipticals. They are compact, helps you to stay balanced.

ACT Commercial and ACT Commercial 10 are NordicTrack’s mid-tech elliptical. They support adjustable strides from 18’’ to 22’’. They are also very stable and features iFit Ready technology and 30+ workout programs.

ACT Commercial 10 comes with a 10’’ HD smart touch screen so that the users can browse their favorite website or view any other training program options. It also features 25 lb. flywheels and a 5-year warranty on parts and 2 years on labor. On the other hand, ACT Commercial comes with oversized gel pedals, cooling fan and 23 lb. flywheels for a natural and smoother feel.

FreeStride Elliptical

FreeStride trainers are the most popular NordicTrack elliptical. These ellipticals offer up to 32’’ stride length, iFit coach technology, and up to 38 workout programs. The FreeStride trainers consist of FS5i, FS7i, and FS9i. You can use them as traditional elliptical, stair stepper or treadmill.

These types of trainers are really popular in health clubs, and now they are available at home thanks to NordicTrack. You can get an intense workout targeting your lower body muscles by using these trainers. Some of their unique features are:

  • FS5i: It comes with a small 5’’ display screen, 16 lb. light flywheel, and 22 resistance programs. It does not have an incline feature.
  • FS7i: It has power incline up to 10 percent, 7’’ HD smart touch screen display for web browsing and 20 lb. flywheel.
  • FS9i: This has advance features like 10’’ HD touch screen for workout stats and web, 20 lb. flywheel like FS7i, and also 10 percent power incline and decline.

These trainers are quite expensive than other models, as these trainers provide you with high-quality gym experience.

Why Choose NordicTrack Elliptical?

If you are wondering why to choose NordicTrack instead of other brands, then here are some of the reasons:

1. iFit Live Enabled

All NordicTrack ellipticals come with an iFit technology. All you need is a membership to enjoy unlimited workout programs, simulating outdoor workout exercises with Google map, live fitness class and provides meal recommendations.

2. HD Touch Screen Display

You can find 7’’-10’’ smart displays in almost all the top NordicTrack elliptical for web browsing. This allows you doing your job with ease and fun.

3. Versatile Designs

NordicTrack elliptical has different designs, some are small and some are bigger in size. Some are foldable (rear-drive elliptical) and some of them are not. The elliptical has stride length ranging from 18’’ to 38’’. The shorter stride is suitable for short users and the longer stride is for tall users.

4. Warranty

Almost all their elliptical have a lifetime warranty on frame, 5-years on parts and 2-years on labor so that you can shop with more confidence.

5. 3 in 1 Experience

NordicTrack’s FreeStride (FS5i, FS7i, FS9i) has 32’’ stride length which offers 3 workout experiences in 1: an elliptical, a stepper and a treadmill.

6. Power Incline and Decline

Most of the elliptical of NordicTrack features power incline but only two elliptical, FS9i and C 12.9 has adjustable incline and decline for an intense workout.

7. Other Features

NordicTrack elliptical come with different other features that make their equipment totally unique and their users comfortable. Some of the features are a speaker with MP3 input, cooling fans, adjustable foot pads (Commercial 14.9 and C 12.9), different resistance levels and workout programs.

Wrap Up

NordicTrack is one of the most leading manufacturing companies for home fitness equipment right now. They produce elliptical machines that are comfortable for the users. After reading the above NordicTrack elliptical reviews, you can choose the best NordicTrack elliptical according to your preference, body size, and height. They are also affordable and can satisfy your exercise needs. This brand is recommended by many health enthusiasts if you want a home trainer with amazing technology to burn your calories.

Rogue Echo Bike Reviews

The Rogue Echo Bikes are a good choice for indoor biking to keep a fitter body. These are perfect bikes with a heavy-steel body and perfect mechanism. You will certainly love having it for its smoothness and quietness, which is an extra advantage. Many Rogue echo bike reviews prove that this product is solidly built for upgraded performance for both professionals and beginners.

This air bike has two interval options whose are previously installed in it- 4.00 of: 20 work and: 10 rest, and 4.00 of: 10 work and: 20 rest. Even you can customize your workouts based on your performance. It has its belt drive system and then you don’t have to bother much for its maintenance.


Following the brand color, the Rogue Echo Bike has the signature black-coated outlook. As it has a strong body and easily access-able parts, this machine might take a bit more space than other Air Bikes. The specifications of it are something that can allure your mind.

The patent-pending design of this machine has given it an adorable and professional look. From the bottom part to the top of handles, its height is 52.75” and 58.875” in length. In width, its size is 29.875”. The size of the footprint is 44.5” X23.75” and the weight limits are 127LB and 350LB.

LCD Console Display can be customized easily as it has customizable modes. Time, speed, distance and all other features are included in it. Overall, it is a great addition to make your life much easier, productive, and efficient.

Unique Features

This bike is equipped with so many excellent features. Let’s take a look what we liked about this echo bike.

Seat and Handles

You can adjust the height in eight patterns and five front or back settings. Rubber grip handles are 1.5” in diameter, designed to safer grip.

Fan Blades

The fan blades of the Rogue Echo Bike are one of the coolest features of it. This is not traditional bicycle rim type or plastic blades. Thin gauge steel, power-coated and proper welded blades will take place inside the fan cage. The fan cage is also strong and built-in.

Other Features

The pedals are built in metal and the feet in it are rubbers leveling. Necessary tools will come along with the machine. The anodized aluminum step wrapped in rubber looks great and will provide durability.

The seat of the Rogue Echo Bike can be adjusted in all sides like up, down, forward and backward. For this facility, the rider can set any position he likes to set. The conditioning machine of this device is quite strong and heavy. One of the major advantages is that echo bike works through a belt drive system while a chain drive system loses energy.

This bike no doubt can be the finest choice for your daily workout. There is no need for any kind of manual setup. All the features are automatic and user-friendly.

Exclusive Add-ons

You can adapt three add-ons if you feel the necessity. With these, your air bike will get more to be a professional outfit.

Phone Holder: The dimension of the official phone holder is 3.5” X 6.125”. Big size phones will also fit in this holder. You can fit it using the screws on the top of the bike.

Wind Guards: This is a shield made up of plastic that can cover the cage. It will help to reduce air blowback. As it is transparent, you can see whatever going on inside the guards.

Accessories: Bike accessories are available all over the market. You can pick or order any you like to give your air bike a great look and greaterperformance.

It is completelyup to you to go for these accessories or not. The Rogue Echo Bike will give you a hundred percent performance but adding the add-ons will always provide extra benefit.

What We Love about the Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo Bike is a great machine that can hit 800 watts of power or more during proper use. On both sides, front and back, there will be wheels for turning it easy to use. Let’s discuss why Rogue Echo Bike is the best.

Maximum Stability and Smooth Ride

The machine is built in reinforced steel construction that gives it proper balance. With 127LB and 350LB weight limits it will not clout and bumps even in maximum speed. There is no risk to fall during running in echo bike.

The smooth ride depends on the steady response of the fan. Under each base tube, there are rubbers leveling feet. These feet will help you to stick with base and make proper leveling even if the wheel is not properly leveled with the ground.

Quality Construction

Durable steel tubing of the Echo Bike confirms the best quality. Texture black powder-coat gives it a nice outlook. The paddle seat can be adjustable in a few heights and front to back settings. To hold the handle tight there is rubber grip wrapping the handles. Belt-driven fan and metal pedals will help you to sit tight and workout properly.

LCD Console

The dimension of the high contrast display is 6.375” X 6.375”. The user can set customized modes according to their chart. Time, distance or calories can be set according to target. This LCD Consoler will run on two AA batteries.

A Complete Workout

The Rogue Echo Bike is a complete workout solution. In your garage, gym or own scale workout, this machine will provide high performance. Comparing any other air bike in the market this one can give you the best result.

Easy Assembly and Portability

All necessary tools and hardware will come along with the device. All you need to do is to assemble the parts to set-up the device according to the manual (step by step guideline) or expert. One-inch wide polyurethane wheels at the front side will allow you to move the machine easily.

Accessories and Attachments

It is completely up to you to choose the best accessories for your echo bike. You can place an order and it will be delivered in time at the desired place. Remember you have to add a charge to get these. Phone holder, wind guard, plastic shield, all these are available as accessories.

Easy Shipping

After making the order, your bike will be packed perfectly maintaining all the precautions. After completing the necessary steps your parcel will be shipped towards your destination. You can track your order from the shipping time to the arrival. Do not hesitate to order, Rogue shipping system will take care of your product until reaching your door.

Benefits of Biking

The answer to why a person should bike is easy and simple to understand. Biking keeps your heart rate up to the safe line. A person should control his heart rate and also the build of lactic acid. These are prime factors a person should follow. Running on a bike is one of the best ways to improve your working ability and maintain good health.

You will not achieve proper fitness if you exercise before or after your scheduled work or office. It is tough to maintain physic within the shortest amount of time. In this case, the echo bike can help you with sprint intervals. A total of 10 minutes of workout excluding intervals can give you great results.

Final Verdict

For any type of workout, a fan bike can be a great choice. But people often found the equipment expensive, also hard to find. This echo bike can be a great solution for them. It has a super built-in structure. There is no chance of break down or even misbalancing. Almost zero maintenance is a plus point for anyone.

There are no issues like pouring oil or chain changing. Note that, you will not be disturbed with its sound as this device will work quietly. The bike is effective for you in every way. Do not waste your time thinking. Bring the Rogue Echo Bike to your home and start working out.

6 Best Elliptical Machine for Home

Fitness Training has become part of this modern-day era, where people keep fit for various reasons. And, every household should have a mini gym. We’ll talk about the best home elliptical machines which is an excellent tool for cardio training and fitness.

Among the different types of fitness equipment, elliptical machines are convenient as an complete fitness set that can be fit in one corner of your home easily. Elliptical machines have been nowadays considered as the best comfort machines to ensure that there is an exercise done between your upper and lower body.

An elliptical machine works the whole body while providing all the benefits of going to the gym without leaving your home. The machines work to strengthen your legs while giving a serious cardio work out, conditioning the body, and building stamina. Furthermore, a piece of elliptical equipment provides comprehensive cardio workouts for any individual who wants to cut calories and improve the cardio.

Why You Should Use Elliptical At Home

Using an elliptical at home will give you a more vigorous workout that meets any needs you are looking for in a machine. With this elliptical machine, you will enjoy the convenience of working out without the need to leave your home. It is, therefore, convenient for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to burn calories and tone the whole body muscle without booking a gym appointment.

Therefore, the best home elliptical machine will benefit you in the following ways –

  • It provides a weight-bearing exercise
  • It reduces strain and stress in your legs giving you a low impact exercise
  • It conforms to individual stride and therefore creating a natural path for foot and leg motion
  • It provides a chance for dual workout action for both upper and lower body.
  • It exercises muscles, thereby burning more calories in lesser time.
  • Due to the low elliptical motion. Therefore, it has low maintenance.

6 Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use

1. Schwinn Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn elliptical machine is an excellent option for individuals who have issues with their joints. This is a robust elliptical trainer featuring a motorized incline system and resistance system. With this machine, you will not have any issues impacting your knees or ankles, thus making it comfortable to work out. The machine comes with a ton of technology positives to complement your workout, including Bluetooth connectivity, LCD screens, different displays, and connection to fitness apps. This machine boasts of having 16 resistance levels included to help you in your workout. A good workout for this machine is achieved through forwarding and backward motion and applying high-quality synthetic grease when assembling. The machine is durable and will work for a longer time compared to other elliptical machines on the market.

Schwinn elliptical machine

Features you will like

  • The LCD display and monitoring feature with key information.
  • The equipment offers many accessories, including a USB charger.
  • Its console also comes with 29 installed programs
  • It is more affordable than other elliptical machines on the market
  • The Schwinn elliptical machine works with health apps such as RunSocial and Schwinn Trainer to help individuals with programmed training.
  • The machine comes with Bluetooth connectivity, in-console speakers, a cooling fan, and an MP3 port that enhances the workout performances.
  • It has a sturdy frame and enhanced stability, with little maintenance required.
  • It is fairly easy to assemble and has an excellent warranty.

Things you will like

  • Takes time to assemble.
  • You cannot assemble it on your own unless you have the help of one at least one more person.
  • Makes some sounds during workouts.
  • The fan of this elliptical machine is not too powerful

The tablet placed on the holder will cover the top display during a workout, affecting proper monitoring

The machine is not ideal for tall people who have to kneel on the bottle holder.

The incline and foot pedal may not incline when you use the motorized incline. Check Price on Amazon

2. Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex, my trainer, is ideal elliptical equipment for individuals who want to work out and lose weight with 11 built-in workout programs to choose from. This is a high-quality piece of equipment that is easy to assemble and comes with clear directions. The machine has lots of settings, is easy to use, and forms a great investment for anyone who wants a durable machine. Furthermore, it is synchronized with the free Max Trainer app that allows you to set, monitor, and track goals while viewing video content from professional trainers.

 Bowflex Max Trainer

Features you will like

  • There are integrated controls on the built-in handrail for real-time custom programming that allows for extending your workout with the press of a button.
  • The machine has an LCD monitor that can be used to count your calories and choose your intensity while working out.
  • It has 20 digital resistance controlled by one-touch controls that makes it easy and comfortable to work out.
  • The equipment has targeted programming learns and adapts to each user’s fitness level over time to set new targets.
  • This equipment fits your budget.
  • It is portable, with a size smaller compared to all other elliptical machines.
  • It has a small footprint.

Features you mayn’t like

  • The machine makes noise within a few weeks of using the machine for a workout. The noise starts from the right front pivot shaft that is not perpendicular to its mating plate.

Check Price on Amazon

3. Ancient Elliptical Machine

This is a powerful and versatile elliptical machine with an LED screen and steep maximum decline, making it one of the best home elliptical. The Ncient elliptical machine is heavy-duty equipment that comes with a motorized incline and resistance. It’s a machine for users of all levels and is perfect for high-intensity training, intervals, or weight loss. At the same time, this elliptical machine is crucial for anyone interested in recovery training and muscle toning.

Some of the special features for this product include being compact and smaller in size, making it ideal for a confined space at home. It comes with digital monitors that allow an individual to track his progress, including the calories, distance, and speed. The convenient scanning mode on the elliptical machine makes it easy to measure and track the performance. It is a great elliptical built that is large enough to be sturdy and yet small enough not to take up much space in the room.

Ancient Elliptical Machine

Features you will like

  • It comes with eight levels of magnetic resistance that can be adjusted to fit your workout and help meet your fitness goals.
  • It is also designed with a digital monitor display and a non-slip pedal for comfort when undertaking demanding strenuous exercises.
  • The machine has a digital monitor display, Bluetooth connectivity, and an LCD screen to enhance the efficiency and convenience of workout.
  • It is quite smooth and easy to use.
  • The machine is portable and easy to move by the convenient transport wheels.
  • At the same time, it is easy to put together, making it valuable for anyone toning home gym workout.

Features you mayn’t like

  • A lack of cushioning on the pedals may reduce the comfort of using the machine.

Check Price on Amazon

4. Ancheer Elliptical Machine

This machine allows an individual to start planning and recording his fitness statistics using an advanced LCD digital monitor. With this machine, you get to monitor the distance covered, calorie burned, measure the speed, and target zone heart rate monitoring. The ancheer elliptical makes it easy and economical for any individual interested in starting effective exercises while reading or watching television at home. Some of the features for this machine include being more compact and flexible than other available options. It is also designed with unrestricted resistance that makes it easy to achieve different sports targets. Furthermore, the built-in display monitor for this elliptical machine offers a more intuitive viewing of your exercise data. The anti-slip foot pedals can be worked in a forward or reverse direction targeting the lower body in diverse ways.

Ancheer Elliptical Machine

Features you will like

  • The machine does not take up much space in your house due to a small size
  • It is reliable and durable due to its excellent quality
  • The equipment is easy to assemble.
  • This machine is sturdy and quiet when in use
  • It can be used when sitting or standing.

It can be used when sitting or standing.

This machine is great for someone who is on a budget and does not need anything too flashy to get their workouts done.

The Ancheer elliptical machine is gentle to your joints because its pedals continuously support your feet and facilitate a fluid motion.

The equipment has wheels at the front of the unit that makes it portable and easy to move around.

It has an infinite magnetic resistance designed to meet all your fitness goals.

The ancheer elliptical machine provides excellent value for money, providing a great workout for your fitness journey.

Features you mayn’t like

  • It is not easy to learn at first when working alone.
  • You will need help from someone else before assembling and working out on your own.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

The Magnetic Elliptical Trainer machine is a great choice for individuals who don’t want to shell out money for an elliptical trainer. It provides low-impact. Cardiovascular training from the comfort of your home. Some of its special features include large anti-slip foot platforms. This machine is designed to help individuals perform personal exercises, and can be a good bet for anyone working out over the weekends. It is specially rated for providing a sage and stable workout thanks to the anti-slip handlers and footpads. The stabilizer on this equipment allows an individual to achieve smooth and even movement while working out, which is crucial in burning calories quicker and more efficiently. In essence, this machine is ideal for people who are looking to achieve an incredible workout but have little space to work. This machine is a good choice for anyone who is unsure or being an elliptical or a stepper.

Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

Features you will like

The machine’s sturdiness and footprint make it feel like a home machine as opposed to a gym version.

You can keep track of your workout intensity by monitoring the heart rate while customizing the difficulty of your workout.

The machine comes with a large LCD and Bluetooth connectivity for east workout-tracking without the need to subscribe to a proprietary system.

It allows for an individual to pedal in reverse without interfering with the computer functioning.

Since it is built much like a bicycle, it is easy to assemble and takes little time for anyone to start working out.

The machine is also affordable, considering you will get a range of high and low-intensity workouts.

Features you mayn’t like

  • The incline and stride cannot be adjusted, which can be a disadvantage for anyone working with it.
  • This machine is not as quiet as other available machines and tends to make more noise when working.
  • It does not fold up once assembled.
  • Its small size makes it unideal for people with over 300 pounds.

Check Price on Amazon

6. Stamina In-motion Compact Strider

This compact elliptical machine is an ideal home gym for individuals looking for cardio workouts. It is a simple, space-saving solution for anyone interested in effective cardio within the comfort of your home or office. The versatility of this model is incredible, as it can be used sitting, standing, or peddling in reverse. This means you can be reading a book or watching television while working out. At the same time, this equipment has been designed for anyone looking for an elliptical machine that is easy on the joints. At the same time, the elliptical machine has an easy-to-read monitor, detachable handlebars, and a smooth magnetic resistance as part of its features that helps in workouts.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0716GQS8D&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=ellipth 20&language=en US

Features you will like

  • Has a multi-functional fitness monitor
  • The machine is lightweight and versatile.
  • This equipment is mostly quiet and comes in various color options as per their preferences.
  • The low-impact elliptical motion associated with this machine allows you to perform lower body workouts.
  • The reverse motion pedals on this machine are specially designed to allow an individual to work different muscles and help in cardio exercises.

Features you mayn’t like

  • It makes some noise when in use, and takes time to assemble.
  • It will need the effort of another person to put together before starting the workout.

Check Price on Amazon

Buyers Guide

Purchasing a home elliptical trainer can be somehow confusing due to the numerous options available on the market. However, finding the best elliptical machine for your home gym does not have to be a hassle when you understand the basics of purchasing one. There are many factors that you can consider when choosing an elliptical trainer, including the available space, drive system, pricing, and special features. Here is some information to guide you in purchasing the best home elliptical for home use.

Your budget is the first factor to consider when buying any piece of home gym equipment. The elliptical trainers come at different prices depending on their features and specific conditions. This means you can find affordable inexpensive models in departmental stores that works okay. Therefore, Pricing is an important factor before indulging in any purchase due to a variety of prices for the machines. Always consult and compare sites before making your purchase to avoid paying more for an elliptical machine that could cost less.

Consider your goals when shopping for an elliptical machine to ensure you buy one that fits your goals. You should also take into account your workout needs and body type before selecting the machine. A small machine will be efficient if you have a small build and will use it for your weekly run. Your workout space should also be a consideration before purchasing the machine. Elliptical machines are not usually small and tend to take up space in your home or office. You will need enough room to accommodate the machine, including the ceiling height.

You should also look at the product’s must-have features when purchasing a home elliptical equipment and how they complement your workout exercise. Some of the features you need in an elliptical machine include smooth motion, stride length, upper body comfort, the quiet factor, adjustable incline, and adjustable resistance. They should also have electronic features and contain both forward and reverse motions.

The safety features of the elliptical machine is another important factor to consider before purchasing the equipment. Look for a machine that offers warm-up and cool-down periods to keep your workout safe and effective. Stability is also an important factor when choosing an elliptical machine. At the same time, you should purchase equipment that is maintenance-free to protect your investment. Look for an elliptical trainer that has a good warranty and does not require constant maintenance.


People are increasingly looking to elliptical workouts in their homes as a safe way of getting cardio exercise and lose excess weight. The machines are also crucial for individuals who want to tone up the entire body overall. The home elliptical trainers make it convenient to cross-train and get cardio plus strength exercise in a comfortable way. An elliptical is excellent equipment for cross-training activity viable for anyone, including beginning exercises. The main advantage of a home elliptical trainer over other machines is that they have low impact, and therefore suitable for beginners and anyone interested in fitness. Most people do not respect elliptical machines compared to other cardio-based workout machines due to a lack of knowledge of its benefits. This guide can help any person looking for the best home elliptical machine to work out from home.

60up Balance Board Reviews

Looking for a great balance board for seniors that can help them to regain their strength and energy? Or maybe looking to rebuild your balance or coordination after getting no workout for a long time? Either way, the 60up Balance Board is one of the best balance boards you can get out there for seniors. But what are the things that make this 60up Balance Board so great? Let’s find out in this 60up Balance Board review! Other than that, we will also be featuring 3 alternative balance boards you can choose from, which are quite suitable for the seniors.

60up Balance Board

60up Balance Board is one of those rare balance boards that is made specifically for seniors. You see, many of the balance boards out there you see are not specifically made for them. Although technically they can use these balance boards or wobble boards per se, these boards leave them at a greater chance of injuries. Why? Those boards tend to require more balance and a bit of strength to ride and get the workout done, and not all older adults might have this strength on them. Instead of leaving them to more general-purpose balance boards, 60up has brought a balance board with handles. So what makes it the best balance board for seniors?

It comes with handles.

Although in balance boards, you don’t really need handles. But for many older adults, this can be a great thing to have on their balance board. Especially when they are just starting and haven’t got back that much balance. These handles can help them stay in their place and get more confident on the balance board.

Stable but not stationary

This 60up Balance Board provides the necessary stability for the seniors without sacrificing its functionality. People who have used it have found it more stable than any other balance board, but that doesn’t mean it is stationary. It still follows the rocking back and forth method of a balance board and achieves its results.

Mimics daily activities

One of the best things about this 60up Balance Board is that it has programmed the workout to mimic the daily activities. This is quite useful for the older adults who are using it as this allows them to be more active in their day to day life and regain their freedom.


  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Made specifically for seniors
  • Can be used on carpet or any surface
  • Very stable and safe to use


  • Bit costly

Best Alternatives of 60up Balance Board

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer is an excellent balance board alternative to the 60up Balance Board. It can help your balance for the seniors, and you greatly improve athletic performance as well. Revolution 101 Balance Board is quite lightweight so that it can be easily carried around. The design on it is unique as it comes with the letter R embed on each end. Its high-quality build makes it easier to stay in a direct line so that you won’t go off balance. It is made with durable ply thick plywood, and there is an oval-shaped plastic that is screwed on end. The black soft track grip surface on the top of the board helps your feet slightly sink into the board. So whether you wear shoes or not, this balance board is quite comfortable.


  • It is very affordable.
  • Attractive design
  • Can be used by both seniors and younger people
  • High-quality finish
  • Comfortable to ride on


  • Attracts dirt quite easily.

FEZIBO Wooden Wobble Balance Board

If you happen to work on a standing desk, this FEZIBO Wooden Wobble Balance Board can be a blessing for your feet. This essentially combines the concept of the balance board with a mat. But most importantly, it is one of the most affordable balance boards you can get out there, and the comfort it provides is just phenomenal. It weighs just over six pounds, but this balance board’s maximum weight capacity is 320 pounds. So it can be used by people who are quite heavy as well. FEZIBO balance board is made from high-density and non-toxic latex. The design is a bit firmer where you’re supposed to stand and a little bit softer in the middle. The handles are there to make it easier to carry around. You can hang it up on the wall as well. There is a thin layer of non-slip natural rubber, which provides an excellent grip. Its size, weight, and ease of portability make quite a handy balance board for office workers as you can easily use this at your house and then take it to work as well.


Extremely affordable

Made with high-quality latex

Provides a good grip

Lightweight and portable

Can take as much as 320lb of weight


Might have a bit of a chemical smell

URBNFit Balance Board

If you want to take your lower body and core workout to the next level or get back from injuries, URBNFit Balance Board is one of the best balance boards to get. This balance board does not just look great; it works quite well on providing some much-needed training for people of any age. If you are a senior person looking to recover from lost mobility or getting through some nasty injuries, this balance board might seem a bit intimidating. But this URBNFit Balance Board is actually quite well balanced and provides a good grip. So there is no chance of losing the balance while doing some planks or squats on it. Its uniquely round shape design makes it quite compatible to be used along with workout regimens or rehabilitation processes. The build quality is quite high, so it won’t be falling apart as some cheap balance boards do.


Quite affordable

Doesn’t scratch the tiles or any surface

Provides a good grip

Well designed and last for a long time.


A bit challenging to get started but gets easier once you get the hang of it

Benefits of using balance boards for seniors

Improve the kinetic chain on an injured body

Many seniors often suffer from an injured ankle or knee that has got their body out of order and only worse with the aging. But a balance board can essentially get your whole body back into working together at its best. See, when you injure your ankle or knee or hip, you actually damage some of the receptors in your body. These receptors that tell you where your joint is or where you are standing etc. ankle or knee is a part of the kinetic chain, and damaging either of them can ruin the whole chain. Using a balance board can strengthen it and get the entire kinetic chain back to working together again.

Improves agility

If you have thought agility can only athletes and younger persons improve on, well, that is not actually true. Training on the 60up Balance Board or any other balance board will greatly improve agility on anyone. As your coordination and balance will be challenged on a balance board, you will eventually develop better agility.

Improved cognitive function

As we know, all of the organs work in a great rhythm, and that too is quite dependent on each other. So as you will be working on improving agility, balance, and coordination, your brain’s cognitive function will be increased as well. It will give your brain a nice boost of improvement and a better focus.

Fires up the core muscle

As your balance and coordination will be challenged, the muscle will most work in the core muscle. The core of what gives you the balance or ruins it. Working on improving the balance will give the core muscles a great workout and make it quite strong.

Better posture

Bad Posture is something that is often suffered by older adults. Due to the loss of balance strength, they tend to develop a hunched posture, which is detrimental to their health. Working with the balance board will fire up the muscles in the torso, and as a result, your posture will be greatly improved.


This 60up Balance Board Review aimed to provide you the exact reasons you should be buying this excellent balance board. You need to understand that the 60up Balance Board can greatly change the lives of seniors who tend to suffer from mobility issues and require help on even day-to-day activities. Nobody really wants to be dependent on others, and the 60up Balance Board can be a great aid for the seniors in this regard.

Isavera Fat Freezing Belt / System Reviews

isavera fat freezer
Isavera Fat Freezing Belt

Getting a decent looking body is what it something people craves the most but often don’t get even after doing extensive diet and exercise. If we still have to carry our previous shaggy looking body, what is the point torturing yourself so much? Most of us do not feel comfortable with the way our extra fat looks. For those isavera fat freezing, the system has brought a light of hope. It has known for quite a time now and proven to be an effective solution to get rid of fats in your tummy quickly. Curious to learn more? Here is our take on the isavera fat freeing review so that you can decide what you want.

How Fat Freezing system works

Some of us have an area where fat keeps growing no matter what workout you do or diet you maintain. Some people opt for cosmetics surgery that can be too expensive. For affordable fat freezing option, it is easier to get an isavera system. The process of thermogenesis works in your body by the help of the isavera fat freezing system. It freezes your fat and kills those fat cells to make your body toned. But you have to work hard, and it’s going to give you extra support.

Isavera fat freezing system review

Are you frustrated with the result you have got with other so-called fat loss pills and didn’t get results? Most of them are hoax. But this is precisely why the Isavera fat freezing system is making the headlines. It greatly aids to see a visible result even though it much affordable in pricIsavera fat freezing system Features

Isavera Fat Freezing System

Top Features of Isavera Fat Freezer

1# Highly effective Fat Freezing Gel Packs

The isavera fat freezing system comes with the frozen fat freezing gel packs. It comes in the pocket and aid to make the fat freezing system process faster. The gel accelerates heat that goes deep into the fats. This mostly the whole process of reducing all the fat cells. The gel pack equally distributes heat to your body where you wore the fat freezing system. It helps to make the cells die and make you slimmer.

2# Flexible and easy to use Belt

This one is a crucial part of the system. The gel does the fat freezing job, and the Belt holds them in place. The Belt also brings your shape back to the normal. The gel packs get to the ideal temperature and then destroy fat cells. That’s how you get a toned body with a moderate lifestyle choice.

But Some people have expressed their concern other isavera fat freezing reviews afraid that the Belt that comes with this system is not flexible or that much easy to use. A poorly built belt will cause a lot of problems. One of the common is not being able to work correctly. But isavera is not like that. Your body feels quite natural and comfortable to work around while using this.

3# Massage tool to damage the fatty cells

Massaging the areas where fat is stubborn makes fat cells to die out faster. Because the increased blood circulation it causes will help to accelerate the decrease of stomach fat. If you want to use it for massage other areas than the stomach, it’s is a quite handy device to have.

4# Keep in track with the measuring tape

Do you want to get in shape? Then you must keep track of where you are going. If you stay on track, you will get ideas if you are doing the right thing or not and whether you need to wear the Belt more. You can use the body fat caliper and measuring tape. It will help you know how is your fat reduction going and keep in track.

5# Aids the dieting and exercise

Our body accumulates fat is in some areas. Although they are crucial, diet and exercise cannot help to make that area thin. Running, exercise, sweating on your Elliptical machine – nothing works, Isavera fat freezer belts will help you lose that fat quickly.

6# It is Painless

There quite a few fat loss procedures available, but they are expensive and painful. Things that make you o through unnecessary stress and ruin your happiness are not suitable for you. So continue your diet, exercise, and try isavera fat freezing system.

7# No tension of stretch marks

If you go through a lot of dieting plans, you can face an increased amount of stretch marks. But nobody wants to get stretch marks as it will look awful. Isavera will make sure you lose weight, but that weight does not leave mark behind.

7# Affordable System

It’s affordable, more than any other fat loss option. Many people have preferred rather have this than going through expensive surgeries. You will get to see a good result at an affordable price,

What’re the Pros/Cons?

Helpful features

  • Faster than cool sculpting]
  • Doesn’t require any expensive surgeries
  • The hand massage tool is quite good
  • Works well if combined with diet and regular exercise

Uncomfortable Feature

  • You may feel a tingling sensation that is a little uncomfortable

Isavera Fat Freezer – Success Stories

Customers are very positive about the fat freezing system. Though in a short time, we see many bands around, reviews on Isavera Fat Freezing system are so overwhelming that you will surely rate it as the best fat freezing system.

Lisa, a mother of two from Huston, used the Isaver fat freezing system. She has written in her Isavera fat freezing system reviews that

My eating habit got unhealthy after the birth of my second son. I was looking like a totally out of shape mid-aged house wife’s body. I was looking for something that will make my body more toned. Some people were suggesting cool sculpting, but it was way too expensive for me. I wanted an affordable option for my out of shape body. Diet and exercise were on, and I was following everything was on the check. But still the results were not visible yet, and I was getting really frustrated over this. I was in hesitation whether I should use isavera fat freezing system. However, once I started using the ice packs did wonder to tone my whole stomach area. I saw a better and visible shape of the tummy fats after use of a few weeks.

The Product

Final Words

If you are looking for losing weight with just using Isavera, it is nearly impossible. Because this method doesn’t simply reduce fat, but in essence, it merely aids you to tone it and look better. It is the whole point in all Isavera fat freezing system reviews. So when you start using this, you must try dieting and exercise. It will help to tone up the whole belly region fat and make it look better. But ultimately The weight loss depends on your metabolism and diet system.

Isavera is an aid to the whole process. So do not expect a big change just by using the system alone and having pizza at the weekend.

4 Best Elliptical Under 700 in 2021

Do not have to tell you how important exercise is for a human being; every conscious person has a fair idea about body fitness. But you need to know how to exercise in the right way. Keeping the fitness of the body is a difficult task, to make this difficult task easy there has the elliptical machine.

Most people are not interested to exercise in vociferous gymnasiums; they want to exercise in a solitary environment. But for their convenience, to need some machines that are available at cheap prices and it is possible for any user to purchase. In the best elliptical under 700 articles, we will help you to find out some of the cheap price machines. Stay with us to know about this cheap price machine.

Best Elliptical Machine Compassion Table

Should be Consider these issues when Buying the Elliptical under 700

Which feature would be considered for an elliptical machine as the best? You need to know the features that an elliptical machine should have.

You have to purchase such a machine that you can use Indoors comfortably. Now we will help you to know about the best features of the machine.

Stride Length

The main difference of the elliptical machine is happens based on the stride length. When the stride length of the elliptical machine is small, tall people cannot exercise on this machine, and on the other hand, shorter people cannot exercise on this machine, if it is long. So what is the solution?

If you can use the adjustable stride length then it’s will pretty good for you. Normally, stride length should be 24-28-inch.


How much comfortably exercise you want to do, it depends on the Incline. If Incline size is big, it will be easier for you to exercise. Moreover, the main advantage is that the Incline helps more to complete the workout.

This Incline will force you to burn calories while completing the workout. So Adjustable Incline is also convenient for you.


The resistance of the elliptical machine depends on the price. This is an important feature. Difference resistance level is determined for the beginners and experts.

If you can buy magnetic resistance within 700 USD, then it is a matter of luck. But remember, magnetic resistance is much stronger than mechanical resistance.

Should have at least 18-25 pounds of resistance, then it will be good for all types of users.

Some of the best elliptical under 700

If you want to buy a 700 USD machine in a variety of machines in the market, then it will be a little time-consuming for you.

That’s why we find some machines worth less than 700$, but the service is very good and the customers prefer it. Then take a look at the machines.

1. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Review

If you want to exercise in indoors by purchasing a low-cost machine and want to have the opportunity for everyone to exercise, then Nautilus E614 is an ideal machine for you.

This machine has 20-inch stride length and 22 workout programs that are enough for you and your family. But keep in mind, that family is not referred to many members of families because there are two user profiles on this machine.

If your family is two-member and if your child is so little, that he is not able to go to the gymnasium, then this machine is only suitable for you.

Nautilus E614 machine comes with the acoustic chambered sound system, which will sound very clean when reading your heart rate.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer


  • 22 workouts at a lower price.
  • Heart rate monitoring system
  • 20-inches stride length


  • angle-double-rightexcessive noise

2.Schwinn 430 Elliptical Reviews

Schwinn is the most popular brand name in the world of exercise. For more than 120 years, this company provides customer service by manufacturing the elliptical machine for exercise.

If you want to arrange a machine for all members of the family at a small cost, then Schwinn 430 is the most ideal and standard machine for you. 

This machine is built with 22 workout profiles, 20-inches stride length and 9 user profiles. The machine also has 2 fitness tests and 1 quick start feature. If you use this machine you will get a very smooth workout, it is a high-speed machine.

With the help of the Dual Track 2 LCD screen display, you can improve your exercise regularly.

In the display, you can see all the results of your exercise and accordingly you can bring the progress in the exercise. Because of that, you can reach your desired goal very quickly.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical


  • It easy to exercise,
  • very fast machine.
  • 300 pounds of weight.
  • Low-impact machine.
  • 6 different incline options.


  • angle-double-rightCreates the sound.

3.ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews

If you look for the best machine among cheap elliptical machines then we recommend for using the ProForm Hybrid machine to you.

Due to some features, this machine has become a versatile machine. There are 16 levels of different resistance and this machine comes with 16 workouts.

This will help you complete your workout. The flywheel of the machine is 13 pounds, which is much more attractive to a user and is suitable for exercise with ease. This user-friendly machine has been made with a 15-inch stride length, although it is not enough for an expert user. But if you are a beginner, then this stride length can be helpful for you.

In order to monitor all the information about your exercise, there is an LCD display screen, which will help you to give all the information to gain progress on your exercise. 


  • User-friendly feature.
  • 13 pounds flywheel
  • Large foot pedal


  • angle-double-rightFewer workouts.
  • angle-double-rightno computer feature.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

4.Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

It’s a super quality elliptical machine; it’s just 300 USD at a cheap price. This machine comes with 21 preset workouts.

How much time you have exercised, exercise speed, calorie erosion, etc. can be see-through computer features. For this feature, 24 levels of magnetic resistance have made this machine more popular. This machine offers you 18-inch stride lengths; the maximum 270 lbs weighing users will be able to complete the workout.

As you know, if the stride length is small, it is difficult to exercise and if you are taller and continue exercise with this machine; there will be the pain in the knee, waist, and hips.

In that case, you will get 18-inch string length for a very low-cost machine. Take a look at the beneficial aspects of the machine. 


  • 18 inches straight length.
  • Resistance of 24 levels.
  • Capacity 270 lbs.
  • wheel for the transfer.


  • angle-double-rightFlywheel makes the sound.

Let’s Watch Elliptical Video Review!

Final Words

To purchase a standard and heavy duty elliptical machine, you need to spend at least 1500-2000 dollars. That does not mean you will not get a good machine at a lower price.

If you research and know about the features of the machine, then you will get a good quality machine under 1000 USD.

In the best elliptical under 700 articles, we reviewed the 4 best machines. Although we have spent quite a long time looking for these four best quality machines, but you do not have to suffer anymore.

If your budget is 700$, you can buy a machine from here. Thanks for reading. 

Top 10 Elliptical Machine Brands For Exercise:Expert Picks

People are getting much concerned about their health after recent pandemic situations. However, getting into a gym may increase the risk of infected by others. That’s why most people want a setup at their home for a brief exercise at a convenient time. An elliptical machine or treadmill can solve the problem. But, when it comes to buying home fitness equipment, everybody gets confused – what to buy? The decisions swing frequently- An Elliptical Machine vs A treadmill.

Here, in this article, we will provide a complete guideline on the use of ellipticals and treadmills, how they differ, and what to buy in which situation.

What is an Elliptical?

What is a Treadmill?

How an Elliptical works?

How a Treadmill works?

Use of Elliptial

Use of Treadmill