Where Should You Put An Elliptical In Your Home?

Where Should You Put An Elliptical In Your Home

Elliptical machines are one of the effective exercise equipment to maintain your body fitness. It’s hard for some people to maintain gym days regularly and utilize this apparatus. Installing it in your very own home sweet home might open the gate of opportunity to grab the benefits of exercise. But people often get confused on where to put an elliptical machine in the home.

There are several options including a basement, garage, living room, or any other open place having a solid floor with an electrical connection to set a personal elliptical machine considering some conditions such as having proper lighting, environment, space management, and safety in your home.

If you are looking forward to setting up one in your home, the perfect placement of the device would be a great matter of consideration.

This research-based article of mine will hopefully lead you to a decision of placing your desired machine correctly at your home.

Perfect Place In Your House For Installing Your Personal Elliptical

Make sure to locate a free place in your home first. A minimum 10-by-10-foot area with an 8-foot height clearance is needed to place an elliptical.

Basement and any room on the ground floor would be an ideal place to set your machine as there is no concern for any safety issues.

The vibration of the machine will not cause any disturbance also as there is no other floor beneath.

It’s preferable not to set the machine on the upper ground. There is no architectural logic behind it except the fact that the machine is heavy to carry, and the ground should be strong enough to take the weight load.

Your workout space should have enough ventilation and a lighting system. Otherwise, there will be a sluggish environment, and you will end up drying your laundry on the machine rather than doing actual bodywork.

Deem lighted environment is supported in Yoga and stretching. On the other hand, cardio work is always enhanced by bright lights. Bright lights will lead your nerves to create more enthusiasm in you.

Creating an environment with a wide mirror in front of your machine is not a bad idea as it might help you to keep the balance and work out perfectly. You might notice the change in your body as well which will inspire you to do better.

Doing Exercises can become boring sometimes.

Don’t know about you, but paddling in a circular motion consistently and thinking about the dark future or embarrassing past moment is not my cup of tea.

I would rather set my machine in front of a TV and watch Moog lie in it. But make sure to place it right, tilting your head left-right might give you a neck ache after some days.

How Safe Is It To Use An Elliptical Upstairs?

It’s safe to use an elliptical on the upper ground unless the construction of the flooring is not capable enough to carry the load.

It’s tough to place exercise equipment upstairs and it should be avoided for good. But if you don’t have enough space on the ground floor or due to any other reason, you can always set your elliptical upstairs.

Although an elliptical machine is bulky and heavy, a well-constructed floor can always carry it safely, even with a person riding on it.

150 lbs to 250lbs are the weight range of the majority of elliptical machines. Adding a person’s average weight on it, the total would be around 550 lbs.

According to the measurements, it’s not an issue to consider for the average accommodation we usually have. Simply, if three to four people can gather together without breaking the portion of the floor where you want to set your machine, then there is actually nothing to worry about. You can safely place it there.

Still, if you are concerned about this, you can follow some tips given below to get more relief:

  • Purchase light-weighted equipment. You can afford them easily within your budget.
  • Set a rubber mat beneath the machine to avoid any floor damage. This attempt will also allocate the weight. Elliptical usually doesn’t make that much sound, but it causes vibration. Adding a mate will cancel this disturbance.
  • Placing the elliptical against a load-bearing wall would determine more safety for you. You can also install it specifically on the top of a floor joist.

Comprehensively, the chance of having any safety issue by placing your elliptical upstairs is very poor. So, don’t let it mess your mind and hold you back from your home exercise.

Apart from the issue of setting them upstairs, there are some questions about the necessary considerations of placing them correctly, which rooms are perfect, and many more. Let’s find the answers then.

Which Size Of An Elliptical Is Perfect For Your Home?

In case of placement in the house, it’s better to get an elliptical within the size of between 4 and 7 feet in length.

This particular machine is not considered to be small at all. It can cover a huge place while exercising on it as well. You’ll always need some space while you are in motion. For some machines, paddling can cover up to one foot frontwards and vice versa.

You need to leave a minimum twenty inches gap on both sides. Also, ceiling height is a matter of great concern in case of placement in the basement.

How Much Headroom Do You Need For Your Elliptical?

You should have at least an 8-foot free height space for using an elliptical machine.

“Remember that if you have a ceiling fan or overhead lights, you need a higher clearance.”

ichard Martinez, manager of Fitness Outlet Exercise Equipment in Sacramento, Calif

The difference between your head and the ceiling must be 4 to 6 inches. Then it can be assured that you will not hit your head and go to the hospital.

So, the whole collection of information indicates to a point that if you don’t want to make your home congested and don’t have enough space to set it right, it’s better to get a small size of equipment or look for other arrangements.

Can You Set Your Elliptical In The Living Room?

You can set your elliptical in the living room only if it meets all the rules and regulations associated with the management system.

As mentioned before, there are certain conditions you need to fill before setting your machine. If your living room is perfect and well maintained, you can fix it there.

How Can I Hide My Elliptical In The Living Room?

Any sort of floor screen divider, mirror or furniture might help you to hide your elliptic equipment.

If you have a fancy taste in the internal decoration of your house, you might not love the view of a giant black apparatus inside your living room.

You can always go for floor screens, mirrors and dividing furniture with a touch of aesthetic painting, sculptural features which will eventually beautify your room more.

Can You Set Your Elliptical In The Bedroom?

You can set your elliptic machine in the bedroom if the necessary arrangements are there.

Some people often want privacy or don’t have any other option to place their machine. It’s completely fine to place it in the bedroom.

But make sure to keep it safe from the children.

Can You Set Your Elliptical On a Carpet?

Elliptical can be placed on carpet, but it is suggested to use a rubber mat in between the floor.

Carpets can be squishy, and it can cause them to wobble. Placing a rubber mat between carpet and floor will distribute the weight and defend against floor damage.


An Elliptical in your home can bring tremendous change in your life by making it easy to exercise. If you are going to install one, make sure you fix the right location by judging proper place management, environment and arrangements.

Try to measure everything as mentioned in the article and then install your desired home exercise equipment. Best of luck with your exercise journey!

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