Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review- Comparison & Buying Guide

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

Now comes to arrive at a great entry-level machine with some great features to enjoy user’s workouts and expand their exercise for a long time. This is Schwinn a40 elliptical exercise machine. For great features, a40 Elliptical delivers a challenging workout in your home.

Now it is proved that the value of the machine is more than your thought all over the world. Because some of the peoples had used this and they earned some better experience than ever before. Some users said a few days after using the a40; they are very happy and can recommend it to others to use permanently.

This Elliptical has exceeded the standard expectations for an entry-level tribal. This is excellent because it will practice you for a long time. Read our full review to find out more interesting parts of it. If you are a new user it’s a basic machine that you can easily use to your proper fitness.

So let’s have a look at this creative Schwinn a40 elliptical machine review. But first, we will introduce Schwinn. What is it and where it came from?

Why would you buy the Schwinn Elliptical machine?

If you are looking for the best machine in the world of exercise, there haven’t any alternative without Schwinn. More than 90% of users will recommend you to use this Schwinn. Because of Schwinn is the oldest and experienced company.

They are able to understand all the needs of the user and that is how they create the machines with considering this. Schwinn company is formed about 125 years ago as the first elliptical machine producer. This was the first machine to do the exercise and it was made like a bicycle.

Then this machine was updated in several ways and now it’s a known brand name. So we can call it the best elliptical machine and can suggest others to use it. If you want to buy best elliptical under 500, then you can buy it without any doubt.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

If you are not feeling challenged with your exercise routine, we think it’s time to set up with a fitness product that is designed to grow up your limits! Schwinn has introduced the a40 elliptical as their entry level elliptical trainer all over the world. It’s very strong with its all side’s stabilizers and levelers.

The perimeter weighted flywheel keeps the elliptical in place and provides a motion by smoothly. This entry-level elliptical machine usually has basic computer features, but it has some excellent features. Next, you will get two programs with three settings.

As well as you will get a fixed program for daily activities. The pre-programmed workout is great because they are already serious, calorie burning routine program and what you have to do is just hit the start button a single time.

For rest, you will get a cooling fan and a reading rack. It has also a bottle holder; you can permanently put water or juice bottle in your workplace. These features are sometimes missing from the entry-level machines.

One of the most striking features of the a40 Elliptical is its six (6) pre-programmed workouts. On this computer features, it provides a little extra routine to ensure a particular activity.

Truly, it has exceeded a high-level tribal expectation value. It is strong, durable, and will remain in place during your most serious workouts. For original fitness, it’s really easy to use for seems like the no-brainer things.

Favorite features & Specifications:

  • Measured weight flywheel for smooth, consistent workouts.
  • Stable and layer that is built for a solid workout platform.
  • Resistance Level 8 for fast and reliable exercise.
  • The fan has included with the machine to cool the user, included water bottle holder and reading rack.
  • 17 ” Stride length.
  • LCD monitor for monitoring all exercising data.
  • Ergonomic handles for multiple and challenging workout positions.
  • Maximum user weight: 275 lbs.

Computer Features:

  • Multi-Function 5 “x3” LCD display.
  • Workout information includes:
  • Calories
  • Heart tremor
  • Speed
  • Revolution every minute
  • Time
  • The distances


  • Very quick and simple assembly.
  • Smooth and quiet to use.
  • Low price for the build quality.
  • The effective range of workout programs.
  • Stable smooth operation.
  • The workout program is easy to use.
  • Do not feed too much space.
  • Sturdy design and transfer are easy.


  • No information is visible in the dark with the LCD display.
  • The speakers aren’t very loud.
  • The fan is not strong enough.


Stride Length:

The stride lengths of the Schwinn A40 machine is only 17 inch. Which is not always convenient for everyone. Most machines have a stride length of 18-22”. As a result, it is beneficial to exercise for tall and short people. So 18-22 inch stride length is needed.

Weight Capacity:

Combined with the stride lengths, the weight capacity is determined for this machine. This machine can carry a weight of 270 pounds. Should have a capacity to carry the weight of at least 350 lbs.

Final words

Are you thinking about buying a new exercise elliptical but don’t want to spend thousands on equipment? Don’t worry the Schwinn created an a40 elliptical machine which certain your condition worth consider. Schwinn a40 elliptical machine could be the perfect choice for you.

This machine is user-friendly and comfortable for users. This Schwinn has continued to help people who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle by delivering high-quality innovative, industry for them.

At last, we are tried to give a clear review before running out and make the purchase. Hopefully, you would be understood to read this review clearly. Thanks for reading.


Q.Is the possible to exercise in backward by Schwinn A40?

No, it has been prepared to exercise also forward.

Q.Is 17-inch stride length is enough to exercise?

It is not enough so.

Q. Does this machine have an incline adjustment?


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